‘Vimy Ridge, 1917’

The Canadian victory at #Vimy Ridge cost 3600 soldiers their lives. 700 were from B.C. Today marks the battle that took place 102 years ago. https://twitter.com/LibraryArchives/status/1115630870860316672 https://twitter.com/LibraryArchives/status/1115615851590443011


‘The Racism of ‘Status’

If there was no 'status' and privilege based on Race, there would be no need for DNA testing. Canadians -- including aboriginals of Canadian descent -- should all be equal before the law... "Ancestry DNA testing is white supremacist bullshit. Stay mad." https://twitter.com/gindaanis/status/1100524893525950466 ♣♣♣♣♣♣♣♣♣♣♣♣♣♣♣♣♣♣♣♣ Post also at: https://www.facebook.com/CanadiansForLegalEquality/posts/2062679557133964

‘RCAP and the Fragmentation of Canada’

"...Even though only a few of the 'Royal Commission on Aboriginal Peoples' (released in 1996) proposals have been implemented, the report itself stands as a monument to the new orthodoxy, and the people who share those beliefs are actively pushing the federal government to move in that direction. Unless there is serious public debate, sooner … Continue reading ‘RCAP and the Fragmentation of Canada’

‘The Root Of Dysfunction in the Canadian Senate’

This story encapsulates a fundamental flaw in our Constitution. The Senate is supposed to be about “sober second thought”, designed to examine government legislation. This is particularly true when the government is drafting legislation that would produce a radical shift in Canada’s social fabric and traditions. The problem is that Senators weren’t elected -- or … Continue reading ‘The Root Of Dysfunction in the Canadian Senate’

‘Archbishop Schools Prime Minister On Charter And Catholicism’

“It’s “logically impossible” for Prime Minister Justin Trudeau to consider himself Catholic and pro-abortion, Ottawa Archbishop Terrence Prendergast wrote. "He made this point in an Ottawa Sun editorial slamming the ‘Liberal’ government’s requirement that employers sign a pro-abortion, pro-transgender attestation for summer jobs grants. “Prendergast rebuked Trudeau’s “disingenuous” claim that the Charter includes a “right” … Continue reading ‘Archbishop Schools Prime Minister On Charter And Catholicism’

‘Prime Minister Played For A Fool?’

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau condemned an alleged ‘hate crime’ against a Muslim girl before the police had time to conduct an investigation. The result: “While acknowledging that he was “thankful and relieved” the alleged attack on Khawlah Noman (an 11-year-old Grade Sixer) never occurred {she lied}, Trudeau – who had rapidly condemned this fake hate … Continue reading ‘Prime Minister Played For A Fool?’