‘Danger: Communists At Work’

The communist municipal government of Victoria, B.C. -- the same one that took down John A.’s statue without public consultation -- has ‘cancelled’ their Canada Day program. Well, these traitors can go to hell. We encourage all Canadians living in Victoria to look past the spurious excuse they’ve used as justification, and celebrate Canada Day … Continue reading ‘Danger: Communists At Work’

‘Two Official Languages Are One Too Many’

The problem of having 2 Official Languages – and the different meanings in translation – has long been used by Canadian politicians to send different messages to Canada’s 2 main linguistic groups {‘Playing both sides of the fence’}. Here’s an example of how this becomes an issue in parliamentary legislation -- in this case, concerning … Continue reading ‘Two Official Languages Are One Too Many’

‘Defiance Works For Aboriginals’

An Aboriginal community openly defied Covid regulations and the Alberta government’s response was a full retreat. As Orwell famously said, “Some animals are more equal than others”... “The ‘nation’s right to self-govern has allowed the chief and council to provide the drive-in with permission to resume activities. The Tsuut’ina National council says they have the … Continue reading ‘Defiance Works For Aboriginals’

‘Where’s Champlain’s Statue?’

The one-sided rewriting of Canadian history... “The re-installation of the Samuel de Champlain statue as part of Orillia, Ont.’s Couchiching Beach Park monument has been postponed, ‘Parks Canada’ announced... The re-installation’s deferment will allow for progress of the implementation of the recommendations that were put forward by the monument’s working group, which formed in 2018... … Continue reading ‘Where’s Champlain’s Statue?’

‘More Of The Same’

END RACE BASED LAW Daily News Canada

While we readily encourage Canadians to try forming new political organizations, what is the point, if you’re just serving up the same crap in different packaging?

The newest entry – the ‘Centrist Party of Canada’ – has simply copied the Aboriginal Industry’s rhetoric where the Aboriginal issue is concerned. There isn’t a single new idea in this cliche-heavy diatribe. It should also be noted that there aren’t any concrete policy proposals amongst the field of verbiage. Why bother?

Here’s their ‘policy’, with our Comments in Brackets {In Red, for those reading the web page}…

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‘A Piece Of The Action’

Aboriginals suing the Canadian people for educating them, (Instigated by Aboriginal Industry law firms). P.S. It should be pointed out that this is not about Residential schools. These children went home after school every day, just like most Canadian children: “To assist Class Members with Claim Forms, Gowling WLG is providing Claim Assistance Workshops by … Continue reading ‘A Piece Of The Action’


“A tweet was issued against MP Pierre Poilievre from the Carleton Federal ‘Liberal’ {Party} Association. It attacked the MP for wearing a hoodie with a logo that was allegedly associated with "climate change denial" and "white supremacy".  “The tweet reads:    "Does he deny climate change? And what’s with the clenched white fist, a white … Continue reading ‘Ooops…’

‘Racism As A Guiding Principle’

Another government agency adopts racism as a guiding principle while pretending to be ‘fighting racism’. This will probably guarantee the end of large energy projects in Canada as Canada continues to commit economic suicide: “Canada's top pipeline regulator is signalling it wants to confront the problem of {so-called} 'systemic racism' and its sometimes fraught relationship … Continue reading ‘Racism As A Guiding Principle’

‘All Animals Are Equal…’

"All animals are equal, but some animals are more equal than others." “A proclamation by the pigs who control the government in the novel ‘Animal Farm’, by George Orwell. The sentence is a comment on the hypocrisy of governments that proclaim the absolute equality of their citizens, but give power and privileges to a small … Continue reading ‘All Animals Are Equal…’