‘Double Standards?’

‘City of Windsor tiptoes around illegal Mosque query’:

“Tree-lined Lincoln Road is a nondescript quiet street in Windsor, Ontario. Peppered with well-kept duplexes and bungalows, it’s not much different from other residential streets, except for the home at 747 Lincoln Road which has been illegally converted into a mosque… 

“Apparently, several years ago, the house suddenly became something called the ‘Noor E-Islam Madrassah and Cultural Centre’, even though Lincoln Road is not zoned for places of worship.

“So, why is this makeshift mosque being tolerated? 

“I posed that question and others to Windsor’s chief building official, John Revell…

“Do they fear being labelled “Islamophobic”?

“Are they concerned that the mosque owners will file a complaint with the ‘Ontario Human Rights Commission’ alleging that Windsor’s zoning bylaws are ‘anti-Islamic’?

“Either everybody is expected to abide by the same set of zoning rules — which means the mosque must relocate — or the city will turn a blind eye to the illegal mosque in the double-standard spirit of “reasonable accommodation”.

–‘City of Windsor puts politically correct pause on illegal Mosque query’,
DAVID MENZIES, Rebel Media, May 27, 2017


(David Menzies tries to get answers from the City of Windsor about what appears to be an illegal Mosque operating in a residential area in violation of zoning bylaws.)

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