‘No Votes for Old Folks?’

This article is deeply disturbing – indeed, offensive – in its attempt to portray a loony, fringe, overtly-discriminatory concept as something worthy of serious discussion. The academic reference provided is the ludicrously-titled “The Disfranchisement of the Elderly, and Other Attempts to Secure Intergenerational Justice”.


“Decisions made by older generations will affect the interests of younger and unborn generations, but those younger generations will themselves have less or no say {? Nonsense. Who elected Trudeau?}. Moreover, as some argue, older citizens have greater incentives to deplete natural resources, underinvest in infrastructure, accumulate public debt and ignore the environment.”

Yet, they vote for political parties that propose reducing public debt, while young people vote for more. In addition, older people consume less and conserve more, thus reducing their impact on the environment… Never mind who has paid the taxes – and done the work — that got us this far…

While this article ultimately comes to a sensible conclusion, it does have the effect of planting this idea in the public mind and giving it some legitimacy. Thanks a lot…

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