‘Playing Favourites With Citizenship’

So, Muslims who are terrorists and Muslims who lie on their immigration papers {like a certain federal Cabinet minister} get to keep their Canadian citizenship, but ONLY Muslims:

“Canada has once again stripped Helmut Oberlander, 93, of his citizenship for serving in a Nazi death squad, and lying about it to enter Canada.

“It’s the fourth time the government has taken this step, after Oberlander defeated the government in court three times to restore his citizenship.

“…Oberlander is going to court to overturn the political decision, made this time by the federal cabinet of Prime Minister Justin Trudeau…

We are determined to deny safe haven in Canada to war criminals and persons believed to have committed or been complicit in war crimes {Unless you’re a Muslim like Omar Khadr}, crimes against humanity or genocide,” Pierre Deveau, spokesperson for Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada, said in a statement….

“Canada made him a citizen in 1960. No evidence was presented to a court that Oberlander personally participated in war crimes… He says he was conscripted by invading Germans the month he turned 18 in 1942. He denies participating in war crimes and denies lying about it to immigrate in 1954…

“Trudeau said in 2016 that his government is committed to prosecuting immigrants such as Oberlander who lie about their past to become citizens {Except for Maryam Monsef…}.

There is one condition in which citizenship can be revoked, and that is when it was acquired based on fraud, misinformation and not representing clearly who one was,” Trudeau said while visiting Waterloo…”

–‘Former Nazi Helmut Oberlander stripped of citizenship again’,
JEFF OUTHIT, Toronto Star, July 25, 2017


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Hiding Behind Dual Citizenship’ (Pakistani-Canadian) {May 18, 2017}:

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