‘Hypocrisy At Its Finest’

For someone to start questioning my own faith and accusing me of being a bad Catholic, is something that I really take issue with. My own personal faith is an extremely important part of who I am and the values that I try to lead with.”
–Justin Trudeau

“In the name of “inclusion” and “tolerance”, Prime Minister Justin Trudeau and his ‘Liberal’ government are being intolerant to faith-based social agencies and churches by excluding them from even applying for the ‘Canada Summer Jobs’ program that provides subsidies to hire summer students.

“In so doing, Trudeau will hypocritically be harming the very people he claims to care for the most — youth seeking work experience, and the poorest of the poor in Canada.

The new application for the ‘Canada Jobs Grant’ requires that the organization’s core mandate respects “reproductive rights” along with other ‘human rights’, and unless that “attestation” is checked, the online application cannot be submitted. That means fewer students will be hired to help the most vulnerable in society.

“Stephen Wile, CEO of the Christian aid organization ‘The Mustard Seed’, which ministers to tens of thousands of Alberta’s most vulnerable and poor citizens in Calgary, Red Deer and Edmonton, says ‘The Seed’ hired 17 grant-supported students to work across Alberta last summer, serving those experiencing homelessness, addictions and other issues associated with poverty, regardless of the client’s faith, creed or colour.

The Mustard Seed doesn’t take a position on abortion, but with the government making this a requirement for funding, it’s trying to force us from a neutral position to an affirmative position on abortion, and we’re not prepared to do that”,
said Wile from his Calgary office…

It seems”, added Wile,like the government is saying, ‘The issue of where you stand on abortion is more important than the work you do and the people you serve,’ and that’s really sad. At the core of who we are, we’re really against fear and hate, and unfortunately, the government is taking a position that instead of decelerating division, it’s accelerating it.”

“Wile is correct. In the name of tolerance, the Trudeau government is being intolerant to a huge swath of society that does most of the heavy lifting when it comes to caring for the poor and vulnerable in Canada.


“According to the report “Religion, Participation, and Charitable Giving” — written at the behest of Canadian Heritage, Statistics Canada, Health Canada and other organizations — author Kurt Bowen found that actively-religious people are far more likely to give of their time and money to charitable causes — including secular charitable causes.

“James Paton, lead pastor at First Alliance Church in southeast Calgary — who is from Scotland and led an inner-city church for the poor in Amsterdam before moving to Calgary — says he’s never before worked with a government that demands you accept its policy platform in order to partner with it to deliver a program

Even if you take the Christian faith and morality out of it, they’re actually asking us to agree with the federal ‘Liberal’ policy platform, but they don’t ask Pakistan to do that, they don’t ask China to do that. It’s ironic”…

“Ultimately, whatever the intent is, those people who can’t check off that attestation are being denied equal access to a public benefit solely because of their religious belief. That violates the Charter of Rights and Freedoms. Trudeau needs to learn that intolerance to Canada’s faith communities won’t be tolerated.”

–‘In the name of tolerance, Trudeau attacks faith and those who serve others’,
Licia Corbella, Calgary Herald, January 11, 2018

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Don’t know whether to laugh or cry:

“For someone to start questioning my own faith and accusing me of being a bad Catholic, is something that I really take issue with. My own personal faith is an extremely important part of who I am and the values that I try to lead with.”
–Justin Trudeau

–‘Justin Trudeau fumes at Tory MP’s ‘bad Catholic’ taunt’,
Jennifer Ditchburn, Canadian Press, Published November 2, 2011
Updated March 26, 2017


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Government Lunacy in Canada’ (Gender Bending Enforcement) {June 27, 2017}:
“Forced speech is the most extreme infringement of free speech. It puts words in the mouths of citizens and threatens to punish them if they do not comply. When speech is merely restricted, you can at least keep your thoughts to yourself. Compelled speech makes people say things with which they disagree.”
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One thought on “‘Hypocrisy At Its Finest’

  1. The fact that he was dressed up in a Muslim robe and praying in a mosque is what all faithful Catholics do? Well maybe the present Catholic pope does.


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