‘RCAP and the Fragmentation of Canada’

“…Even though only a few of the ‘Royal Commission on Aboriginal Peoples’ (released in 1996) proposals have been implemented, the report itself stands as a monument to the new orthodoxy, and the people who share those beliefs are actively pushing the federal government to move in that direction. Unless there is serious public debate, sooner or later we are likely to end up where the RCAP wanted us to go.

“Canada will be redefined as a multinational state embracing an archipelago of aboriginal nations that own a third of Canada’s land mass, are immune from federal & provincial taxation, are supported by transfer payments from citizens who do pay taxes, are able to opt out of federal & provincial legislation, and engage in “nation to nation” diplomacy with whatever is left of Canada.”

–Tom Flanagan
“First Nations? Second Thoughts”, (p.5)

“Has Indian Affairs Minister, Ron Irwin, read the report of the Royal Commission on Aboriginal People?”

“No! I’m waiting for the movie!”
–Serge Chapleau, 1996

See also:
‘nations’ Within A ‘Nation{July 5, 2016}:
“Our nation of Canada is now only one of several “nations” within our borders, with the other ‘nations’ also receiving special Constitutional powers. This has created a Constitutional rights hierarchy, rather than equal rights for all Canadians. It began, of course, with the Quebecois “nation” and has spread like a virus, with new, would-be aboriginal “nations” springing up in all corners of our land. Now, it’s even taboo in some circles to refer to Canada as “One Nation”…”

Is Canada Coming Unravelled?’ (Aboriginal Separatism) {May 4, 2016}:
“Most Canadians are blissfully unaware that many aboriginal leaders are attempting to create separate, independent ‘nations’ {countries} within the borders of Canada — ‘nations’ that would ignore Canadian law while still being subsidized by the Canadian people.”
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