‘Nation-to-nation Nonsense’

The Treaties give Canada clear title to the majority of Canada and as for the rest, the conquering of it has clearly left Canada in control. It’s only a fraudulent legal game created by lawyer/judges for the benefit of legal corporations that allows the denial of reality to continue…

“Hey! Fellow Canadian! Did you know Canada does NOT have clear title to these lands? Did you know Canada is in a Nation to Nation relationship with First Nations & Inuit, which means – Canada is NOT the only Nation here. Did u know that’s why FN keep going to court?” #cdnpoli


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‘nations’ Within A ‘Nation:
“Our nation of Canada is now only one of several “nations” within our borders, with the other ‘nations’ also receiving special Constitutional powers. This has created a Constitutional rights hierarchy, rather than equal rights for all Canadians. It began, of course, with the Quebecois “nation” and has spread like a virus, with new would-be aboriginal “nations” springing up in all corners of our land. Now, it’s even taboo in some circles to refer to Canada as “One Nation”…”

The Big Lie Strikes Again:
“Governments are now almost constantly holding ‘private’ meetings with aboriginal tribes, often resulting in the giveaway of public lands and finances. There is one Big Lie that governments are using to justify all the secrecy…”
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