‘Standardizing Systemic Court Discrimination’

Training more taxpayer-funded Aboriginal Industry employees to implement systemic court discrimination, while claiming to be ending legal discrimination:

“Vancouver Community College announced this week its pilot program for training ‘Gladue report’ writers will be expanding into a year-long, part-time certificate program starting in October. ‘Gladue reports’ are personal histories submitted to courts on behalf of {only} ‘indigenous’ {they mean ‘aboriginal’} accused. They take their name from the 1999 Supreme Court decision that found that judges must take {only} an ‘indigenous’ {‘aboriginal’} person’s background and historical factors into account during sentencing and consideration of alternatives to incarceration.

“Experts say the new program will help fill training needs and ‘build capacity’, but they also say the reports should be standardized and the profession as a whole needs to be regulated by a professional body.

There’s no formal designation. Gladue is quite ad hoc“,
{The discriminatory Supreme Court ruling that created it was “quite ad hoc”…}
said Doug White, ‘Chair’ of the B.C. ‘First Nations’ {Indian tribes} ‘Justice’ Council…

“Anisa White is a ‘Gladue writer’, lawyer and ‘chair’ of the ‘Gladue Writers Society of B.C.’. She said it’s important to regulate who can identify themselves as a ‘Gladue writer’ because we want to maintain and improve on the standard that judges have come to expect“.
“The Legal Services Society of B.C., which provides legal aid in the province, maintains B.C.’s roster of {taxpayer-funded} ‘Gladue writers’. In 2016, the society had a roster of 14 writers and as of this year, that list had grown to 40 {!}

“Despite the growing number of ‘Gladue report’ writers in B.C. and increased volume of reports produced each year, the issue of the overrepresentation of ‘indigenous’ {‘aboriginal’} people in custody persists.
{The “overrepresentation” is in the commission of criminal acts, due to the tolerance for criminality and drug and alcohol abuse in aboriginal communities and the ghettoes that are many reserves. NO ONE has the political guts to confront this and so, it continues to get worse…}

In 2017/2018, 32% of the adults incarcerated in B.C. were ‘indigenous’ {‘aboriginal’}, while ‘indigenous’ {‘aboriginal’} people made up six per cent of the B.C. population in 2016

“The Vancouver Community College certificate program will take in its first cohort in October. The Legal Services Society said it hopes to have a roster of 50 {taxpayer-supported} ‘Gladue writers’ by 2020.”

–‘New Gladue report writing program to be offered in B.C. but profession still lacks regulation’,
Chantelle Bellrichard, CBC News, Sept. 26, 2019
See also:
Expanding Discriminatory Legal Treatment’ (MM‘I’W):
“First, they instituted ‘Gladue’, which provided for lighter sentences for aboriginal criminals; now, considering that most violence against aboriginal women comes from aboriginal men, they are proposing STIFFER sentences for aboriginal men. Racism is always illogical. A Constitution that enables this kind of racial discrimination in law is a Constitution that’s not worth the paper it’s written on…”

What Happened To Legal Equality?‘ (Gladue):
“In attempting to cope with the high proportion of aboriginals in Canadian prisons, Parliament and our judicial leadership have unfortunately resorted to differential treatment based on race/heritage…”

The Folly Of ‘Gladue’:
“Media reports have described Christine Mequish as “among the most dangerous women in the country”, a convicted killer with a record that includes 25 violent crimes since 1984. Last April, following an armed robbery conviction in La Tuque, Que., the 58-year-old was declared a dangerous offender — just the fourth Canadian woman ever designated as such. But while noting her “brutal behaviour” and the likelihood that she will again cause “death, serious abuse or serious psychological harm to other people”, the sentencing judge stopped short of ordering the indeterminate sentence requested by the Crown.
The reason for the lighter sentence: Mequish is an aboriginal…”

Training Legal Warriors To Undermine Canada’:
“Courts and academics are transforming the Charter of Rights and Freedoms from a roster of fundamental liberties, into a ‘social-justice’ {‘communist’} charter that justifies curbing individual freedoms instead of protecting them… Individual liberties are no longer fundamental. Everyone is not subject to the same rules. The legal ground is shifting.”
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