‘Still Working To Weaken Canada’

“After the closing Thursday of the Assembly of ‘First Nations’ {‘Indian Bands’} annual December meeting In Ottawa, Jody Wilson-Raybould, a former federal justice minister and A‘FN’ regional chief, was honoured by ‘First Nations’ leaders during a ceremony that saw her called a hero, a trailbreaker and an icon. 

“Wilson-Raybould, who was kicked out of the ‘Liberal’ {Party} caucus over the ‘SNC-Lavalin’ affair, retained her ‘Vancouver-Granville’ seat during the last federal election running as an ‘Independent’.

“Speaking after the ceremony, Wilson-Raybould said pushing for an ‘Indigenous’ {sic, aboriginals are NOT ‘Indigenous’ to North America} ‘rights’ recognition framework, along with legislated emissions targets to fight ‘climate change’, were two of her main priorities as she takes her seat as an Independent MP.

“She said she supported the ‘Liberal’ {Party} throne speech promise to pass legislation on the UN Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples (UNDRIP). The declaration sets out minimum standards for how countries deal with ‘Indigenous’ Peoples.

“However, she said that it was not enough. She said new legislation was needed to change policies and laws that respect ‘Indigenous’ {Race} ‘rights’ and allow ‘First Nations’ to ‘rebuild their governments’ {balkanize Canada} outside of the Indian Act.

Saying you are going to make laws consistent with UNDRIP is one thing, doing it is another“,
said Wilson-Raybould.
Laws and policies have to change and I am hopeful that it will happen through a rights and recognition framework.

{From 2016: ‘UN ‘indigenous rights’ declaration is ‘unworkable’ as law’:
“Jody Wilson-Raybould, the justice minister, spoke at the A‘FN’s general assembly in Niagara Falls Wednesday, where she dropped the bombshell that adopting the ‘United Nations Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples’ as Canadian law is “unworkable”…”
https://endracebasedlawcanadanews.wordpress.com/2016/07/15/un-indigenous-rights-declaration-is-unworkable-as-law/ }

“The previous Justin Trudeau government, while Wilson-Raybould was justice minister, attempted to develop an ‘Indigenous’ {sic} rights recognition framework, to enshrine section 35 constitutional {Race} ‘rights’ in federal legislation.

“The file was led by Crown-‘Indigenous’ {sic, ‘Aboriginal’} Relations Minister Carolyn Bennett, but it ultimately failed after facing opposition from ‘First Nations’ leaders who said department officials weren’t listening to their views as they developed the framework. The issue also created a policy stand-off between Bennett and Wilson-Raybould which drew in the prime minister…

Clifford Atleo, left, plays a Nuu-chah-nulth warrior song in honour of Jody Wilson-Raybould. (CBC News)

“A‘FN’ National Chief Perry Bellegarde praised Wilson-Raybould’s leadership, both as an A‘FN’ regional chief, and as a federal politician. Bellegarde said ‘First Nations’ from across the country will need her help to push ‘First Nations’ issues in the coming minority session of Parliament…

“Wilson-Raybould said she would be using her voice as a parliamentarian, “sitting in the very back corner” of the House of Commons, to push for continued changes in the relationship between Canada and ‘Indigenous’ Peoples.”

–‘Jody Wilson-Raybould to push for Indigenous rights recognition framework’,
Jorge Barrera, CBC News, Dec. 06, 2019
{Jorge Barrera is Venezuelan and works for CBC’s ‘Indigenous’ {sic} unit based out of Ottawa}

Feature IMAGE:
Assembly of ‘First Nations’ B.C. regional Chief Terry Teegee (right) and Independent MP Jody Wilson-Raybould. (CBC News)

Raybould (Canadian Press)

“Former justice minister Jody Wilson-Raybould says she believes the federal ‘Liberals’ have decided to “manage the problem” with ‘Indigenous’ {sic} people rather than do the hard work of ‘reconciliation’

“In a speech on Wednesday to the ‘First Nations’ ‘Justice Council’ in British Columbia, Wilson-Raybould accused her former cabinet colleagues of backtracking on ‘grand’ {foolish, impossible} commitments Prime Minister Justin Trudeau has made about ‘reconciliation’.

My fear and disappointment is that despite sounding the alarm, providing advice, pushing and challenging, sharing perspectives of lived ‘Indigenous’ {sic} experience {Says this privileged member of the aboriginal elite} … the federal government has fallen back, once again, into a pattern of trying to — quote — ‘manage the problem with Indigenous Peoples’,”
she said.

“The government appears to want to make incremental and limited shifts rather than transforming laws and policies to resolve injustices that have stood for generations, she said.

“In 2015, the ‘Liberal’ Party was keen to recruit ‘Indigenous’ candidates and affirm its commitment to solving long-standing problems. But four years later, many of these problems remain and ‘First Nations’ leaders have raised concerns about the recent expulsion of Wilson-Raybould and former ‘Indigenous’ services minister Jane Philpott from the party.

“Trudeau’s ‘Liberals’, for their part, say they are still hearing support from ‘Indigenous’ people and leaders. Crown-‘Indigenous’ {sic} Relations Minister Carolyn Bennett has said she continues to hear “very positive” feedback.

“Wilson-Raybould said when she went to Ottawa in 2015, she believed it was time for politics to be done differently. True ‘reconciliation’ requires courage, audacity and innovation, she told the group.

“But she said she faced obstacles and resistance within the federal government, including when she issued a directive over how federal government lawyers should ‘handle’ civil cases with ‘Indigenous’ people…

{Her subversive memorandum basically ordered federal government lawyers to no longer oppose aboriginal court claims against Canada, but to help them instead!}

“When she became justice minister, she had no illusions as to the reality of how the legal system has worked for ‘Indigenous’ {sic, ‘aboriginal’} Canadians, she said, noting the higher incarceration rates {higher rates of criminality!} of ‘First Nations’ {‘aboriginals’} as well as the imposition of a “race-based, segregated and unequal Indian Act” upon them. She went to Ottawa to challenge this reality, she said.

{Yet she never presented legislation to end the Indian Act – the Act that is the foundation of the power of Chiefs like her father, the same chiefs who propelled her to power…}

–‘Feds want to just ‘manage the problem’ of Indigenous Peoples, says Jody Wilson-Raybould’,
Canadian Press, April 24, 2019
See also:
Jody Wilson-Raybould and the Betrayal of Canada {May 8, 2019}:
“Let’s not make a hero out of Jody Wilson-Raybould. She should have been removed as Minister of Justice when she attacked the jury system after the ‘Boushie’ verdict, and her past activism clearly indicates that she places aboriginals above other Canadians. In addition, her last act as Attorney General before resigning was to issue a directive instructing government lawyers to no longer oppose aboriginal court cases {and defend the interests of the rest of Canadians}, but to cooperate with aboriginal activists in undermining Canada’s sovereignty. Wilson-Raybould is a traitor…”

UNDR‘I’P Unworkable{May 15, 2017}:
“Even for a government with a disproportionate aboriginal influence, implementing the foolish ‘United Nations Declaration on the Rights of {so-called} ‘Indigenous’ Peoples’ {UNDR‘I’P} is proving to be a political and economic impossibility.”

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