‘RCMP Gets It Backwards’

After the arrests of potential Muslim terrorists, ALL of the RCMP’s efforts seem to have been directed at protecting the Islamic community from which the terrorist threat emanated, instead of protecting innocent Canadians. This is what happens when you politicize a police force – it results in an unequal application of the law: 
“The RCMP was worried about anti-immigrant backlash in the wake of an alleged Kingston terrorist plot and raised concerns about a rise in protests due to “the government’s position on immigration“, new internal documents show.

“Last January, the national police force charged a minor following a series of raids at two homes in Kingston… Police also arrested an adult male in connection with an alleged plan to detonate explosives at an undisclosed location… He was from Syria originally and came to Canada with his family in 2017 through a private refugee sponsorship program…

“On the day of the arrests, the RCMP, with the Kingston Police, drafted a public engagement strategy, a copy of which was obtained through an access to information request.

The arrest of a Syrian refugee may cause some negative reaction on the Syrian population and immigrant population due to current anti-immigration sentiments“,
the strategy document reads.
Families and communities are deeply affected when police take enforcement action during a national security investigation due to the stigma attached to ‘terrorism’.”

“A spokesperson for the force said such strategies represent a recent shift for the RCMP, which has long been criticized over its treatment of minorities in Canada. In recent days, the RCMP has come under attack after a report surfaced saying police were prepared to use snipers on {illegal} Wet’suwet’en ‘Nation’ protesters blockading a natural gas pipeline in northern B.C.
{Protesters who have threatened to use ‘any means necessary’ to stop a pipeline that their tribal leadership already approved.}

Given the anti-immigration protests in Canada following the government’s position on immigration, it was important to provide support to this affected community of Kingston“,
said Cpl. Caroline Duval.
{Nonsense. There have been NO anti-immigrant protests in immigrant communities and NO threats directed against them! They haven’t been “affected” in any fashion…}

   “Historically, efforts for safeguarding Canada’s national security used to be primarily focused on enforcement and disruption. Public engagement strategies are now undertaken with communities that are impacted by arrests of this nature. They are not necessarily common and the level of engagement and support to a community is determined on a case-by case basis.

“In the hours after the arrests, police organized a town hall with Islamic community groups, mental health workers and counsellors in the Kingston area.
{But THEY weren’t the ones threatened by Islamic terrorism! This is ridiculous…}

“Duval said the RCMP did not receive any reports of hate-related activities targeting Kingston’s Syrian community following the arrests {!!!}.

This being said, the RCMP must remain vigilant for potential threats to the safety and security of Canadians and take active measures to continue fulfilling this commitment“,
she said…”
{Then take ‘active measures’ with the offending community, not their potential victims!}

–‘Mounties worried about anti-immigrant backlash after terrorism arrests: documents’,
Catharine Tunney, MSN.com (CBC News), Jan. 2, 2020

Feature IMAGE:
North Vancouver RCMP meet with Masjid Ar Rahman mosque leaders.
(Photo – Cindy Goodman, North Shore News)

From 2016:
“The Mounties have adopted a new uniform policy to allow female Muslim officers to wear the ‘hijab’. Scott Bardsley, spokesman for Public Safety Minister Ralph Goodale, confirmed that RCMP Commissioner Bob Paulson recently approved an addition to the uniform policy to allow women officers to wear the head scarf “if they so choose“.

The Royal Canadian Mounted Police is a ‘progressive’ and inclusive police service that values and respects persons of all cultural and religious backgrounds“,
Bardsley said in an email.

“Male members of the Sikh faith have been able to wear the turban as part of the RCMP uniform since the early 1990s, he noted. That right was won by Baltej Singh Dhillon, a young practising Sikh who wanted to become a Mountie but also wanted to wear a turban on the job. The federal government’s decision in 1990 to end the ban and allow him provoked emotional debate and widespread protests across Canada.

“Bardsley said the new policy is intended to better reflect diversity in Canadian communities and to encourage more Muslim women to consider the RCMP as a career option.

“RCMP Staff Sgt. Julie Gagnon said current policy, which came into effect in January 2016, requires an “exemption” to wear the ‘hijab’ from the commissioner, the only senior officer permitted to approve faith-based accommodations. Gagnon said the RCMP developed a ‘hijab’ for applicants or serving female members of the Islamic faith, reflecting “the diversity of the RCMP’s workforce“. It underwent rigorous testing to ensure the design meets “the highest standards of officer safety{?}.

“She said the RCMP currently has no members requesting to wear the ‘hijab’ on duty.

“The only other religious or cultural item allowed is the turban for male officers.

Bardsley said the RCMP will be the third Canadian police force to adopt the ‘hijab’ policy, behind Toronto and Edmonton police services. Police services across the U.K., Sweden and Norway, and some in U.S. states, have also adopted similar policies.

“The ‘National Council of Canadian Muslims’ applauded the policy change, calling it a “welcome one and a natural ‘evolution’ for Canadian policing“. The advocacy group said three types of headscarves were tested to select one that would not encumber officers and could be easily removed when required.

While in 1990 there was initial reluctance to allow Sikh RCMP officers to wear the turban as part of their uniforms, Canadians have since embraced the change {We had no choice; “embraced” is far too strong…} and we expect that this will be the same with the decision to allow the ‘hijab’,”
said the council’s communications director Amira Elghawaby in a release…

“The military has longstanding policies “to protect and promote the religious or spiritual rights and freedoms of [Canadian Armed Forces] members“, including accommodating religious and spiritual requirements “if militarily practicable“…

“Spokesman Daniel Le Bouthillier noted that Lt.-Cmdr. Wafa Dabbagh became the first CAF member to wear the ‘hijab’ in 1996. According to the military’s dress instructions manual dated 2001, members can wear the ‘hijab’ with certain conditions…”

–‘RCMP allows Muslim women Mounties to wear hijab’,
Kathleen Harris, CBC News, Aug. 24, 2016
https://www.cbc.ca/news/politics/rcmp-diversity-policy-hijab-1.3733829See also:
To Serve and Protect?{November 1, 2016}:
(Toronto Police Department’s Muslim Chaplain: Wives Must Be Available for Sex)
Khan states that a woman must be careful to ask permission from her husband to leave the house. In addition, she should be available for sexual relations whenever he desires unless she has a valid excuse (illness or fasting)…

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One thought on “‘RCMP Gets It Backwards’

  1. Those who are really ‘woke’ (in the right way) realize the people know a helluva lot more than they’re given credit for, and that those who think they’ve put something over on them are merely kidding themselves.

    Having said that, if Twinkle Toes Trudeau and his ‘bums-in-the-air’ minions think that the people don’t know there is a two-tiered legal or justice system that has crept into Canada under their administration, they are doing just that.

    As Greta Whatshername says, “How dare you!”


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