‘More Language Idiocy’

‘Only in Canada’
“A report from the Official Languages Commissioner claims federal employees are writing too many emails in English, according to ‘Blacklock’s Reporter’. 
“However, on July 3, the federal court ruled English-speaking employees cannot be compelled to use French. Justice Peter Annis wrote in the ruling:

The reality in many so-called bilingual environments is that the language of work is English”.


“In an ‘Access to Information’ letter, Commissioner Raymond Theberge says his complaints on the issue were ignored by service managers, saying,
Over the past three years, we have noticed an ongoing and repetitive increase in language of work complaints”.

“Theberge appeared to disagree with the judge in the letter, writing any claim that “the language of the work environment is predominantly English” does not ‘excuse’ English emails {???}.

“In 2014, Theberge had his decision — that federal employees in Toronto offices who are primarily English speaking should write French-language reports for French-speaking co-workers – dismissed. The Court wrote of the decision: 

This effectively contradicts the fundamental right of employees to use their first language”.

“A similar scenario occurred in 2015, when the Federal Court dismissed a Canadian Revenue Agency employee’s lawsuit after the individual was reprimanded for translating English calls into French. The employee was told to log calls in the language used by the taxpayer…

“According to research done in 2018 by SSC, on average, federal employees receive 25 to 100 emails per day — equivalent to nearly one every five minutes.”

–‘THEY CANNOT BE ACCEPTED’: Federal employees sending too many English emails’,
Aidan Wallace, Toronto Sun, October 25, 2019

COMMENTS: “Only in Canada is so much money and energy wasted on this kind of B.S.”
“Since the French language is gender based, there will have to be a lot of gender neutral editing going on as well.”
“There’s an easy solution to cut down English emails by 50 percent! Get rid of 50 percent of the ‘swivel servants’!”
“Blacklock’s Reporter is an Ottawa-based Internet publication covering Canadian government administration. It publishes several articles each day.”


“End the unfairness of official bilingualism. Stop wasting our tax dollars.”
–‘Canadians for Language Fairness’

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A new language policy will ensure all ministries and organizations offer public services almost exclusively in French.

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