‘Balkanizing British Columbia’

British Columbia politicians are thoughtlessly embedding Race law, two-tiered ‘rights’, and United Nations influence in all aspects of B.C. legislation: 
“B.C. Premier John Horgan spoke to the Assembly of ‘First Nations’ {Aboriginal Bands} in Ottawa Tuesday, the first time a sitting premier has ever done so. A‘FN’ National Chief Perry Bellegarde introduced Horgan, saying the invitation was to recognize his government’s world-leading legislation to embrace the United Nations Declaration of the Rights of Indigenous Peoples…
{Aboriginals are NOT ‘Indigenous’ to Canada. Their ancestors were Siberian migrants!}

“Horgan told the chiefs his government has a lot of work ahead {!}, to adapt provincial legislation {to segregate British Columbian law} to the dozens of articles of the UN declaration {Some of which are CONTRARY to the Canadian Constitution}. Key among those is “free, prior and informed consent” from {only} ‘Indigenous’ {sic} people for industrial development on ‘their’ {claimed, but mostly unproven} ‘traditional lands’.

Free, prior and informed consent is not the end of the world”,
{No, just the beginning of no development without aboriginal extortion}
Horgan said.
Free, prior and informed consent is what we would expect from our neighbours.
{And yet, non-aboriginal communities are not guaranteed this! What hypocritical bullshit!}

“Taking questions from reporters after the speech, Horgan cited the ‘LNG Canada’ project, a $40 billion pipeline and liquefied natural gas project that will span northern B.C. to carry gas to Asian customers that has begun construction. It, and the recent decision to close salmon farms on wild salmon migration routes on the B.C. coast, reflect the principles of UNDRIP, moving past the confrontation and lawsuits {No, it won’t. It will just give aboriginals more clout in court} that have dominated ‘Indigenous’ {sic} relations for decades, Horgan said.

“Terry Teegee, the A‘FN’ regional chief for B.C., thanked Horgan for his efforts and called on Prime Minister Justin Trudeau to follow suit at the federal level. Horgan said he raised the issue in his first discussions with Trudeau and Intergovernmental Relations Minister {and U.N. shill} Chrystia Freeland.

“Horgan has cautioned that while work to integrate UNDRIP into B.C. law is a priority for 2020, it will be a long process with no end in sight {!}.”

–‘UN Indigenous rights becoming law in B.C., John Horgan tells chiefs’,
TOM FLETCHER, Houston Today, Dec. 3, 2019

“Giving royal assent to B.C.’s latest batch of laws this week, Lt. Governor Janet Austin singled out one for special mention – the world’s first {No one else is this foolish!} official adoption of the United Nations Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples.

“That’s unusual {!}, and it is for good reason {!}, Premier John Horgan told reporters after the fall session of the B.C. legislature adjourned.

It will transform how we do business in B.C. for the better”,
{He has NO IDEA how this will affect the B.C. economy…or even whether UNDRIP can withstand a Supreme Court challenge. Why does he think NO ONE ELSE has done this?}
Horgan said.
Unanimous support in the legislature, business interests around the province, in fact around the country, looking to B.C. as a leader in how we better make all of the people of British Columbia benefit from the extraordinary bounty we have here.

“Work begins in January to start amending B.C. laws to meet the dozens of {racist} objectives of UNDRIP, and the first set of changes is expected in the spring session that begins in February, Horgan said.

I think the patience of ‘Indigenous’ {sic, he means ‘aboriginal’} communities has been well demonstrated over the 200 years of colonial activity here in B.C. and across Canada”,
{The language clearly reveals his communist leanings and education…}
Horgan said.
I’ve been invited to speak to the Assembly of ‘First Nations’ {‘Aboriginal Bands’} in Ottawa next week about what we’ve been able to accomplish here, and I’m sure I’ll get some advice from elders and others about how we proceed in the new year.

“Horgan praised the B.C. ‘Liberal’ and Green Parties for joining his government’s support for the change, after detailed questioning of its implications over the past two weeks.

I want to ensure that the public understand that this is not just the NDP who’s doing this”,
Horgan said.
{No, you ALL are guilty of this HUGE mistake!}

“B.C. ‘Liberal’ {Party} MLA Mike de Jong, a former minister of finance, ‘Indigenous’ {sic} relations and justice, led the opposition questioning on ‘Bill 41’, described as a “framework” bill committing the province to dozens of clauses in the UN document.

“De Jong asked about UNDRIP ‘Article 39’, which states: 

‘Indigenous’ peoples have the right to have access to financial and technical assistance from states and through international cooperation, for the enjoyment of {racial} ‘rights’ contained in this declaration.

“‘Indigenous’ {‘Aboriginal’} Relations Minister Scott Fraser said UNDRIP 

does not create a positive obligation on the part of the state {He should try reading the damn thing!}, but there will be conversations about funding from the provincial government.

“B.C. has already signed an agreement to ‘share’ {‘take from the rest of British Columbians’} seven per cent of B.C. Lottery Corporation net income, which the province estimates will amount to $100 million over the 23-year term of the deal.

{British Columbia: The Giveaway Continues{July 23, 2019}:
Every ‘First Nation’ {aboriginal} community in B.C. will be eligible for between $250,000 and $2 million annually through the agreement.”
“This government ‘generosity’ is money unfairly taken from British Columbian taxpayers, as aboriginals are Constitutionally wards of the FEDERAL government, and the document that B.C. signed when joining Canada expressly states that B.C.’s ONLY financial obligation to aboriginals is to provide Crown lands for reserves, for which the province would be reimbursed…”
http://endracebasedlaw.com/2019/07/23/british-columbia-the-giveaway-continues/ }

“Environment Minister George Heyman has completed a rewrite of B.C.’s ‘Environment Assessment Act’, after a consultation tour including mining, forest industry and union representatives.”

–‘B.C. Indigenous rights overhaul first job of 2020, John Horgan says’,
TOM FLETCHER, Houston Today, Nov.29, 2019
See also:
B.C. Gov’t Betrays the Interests of Most Residents{April 7, 2019}:
As throne speech commitments go, not many over the years have been more fraught with consequences for B.C. than the one proclaimed by the John Horgan N‘D’P government. B.C. will be the first province in Canada to introduce legislation to implement the United Nations Declaration on the ‘Rights’ of ‘Indigenous’ People”, it read in part:
The goal is
“mandating government to bring provincial laws and policies into harmony with the declaration.”

UN ‘indigenous rights’ declaration is ‘unworkable’ as law{July 15, 2016}:
Jody Wilson-Raybould, the justice minister, spoke at the A‘FN’s general assembly in Niagara Falls Wednesday, where she dropped the bombshell that adopting the ‘United Nations Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples’ as Canadian law is “unworkable”…
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