‘Canada Still Accommodating Illegals’

Our massively-indebted federal government is still going out of its way to accommodate, rather than discourage, illegal border-crossers – at taxpayer expense, of course… 

“Citizenship and Immigration Canada has put out a tender notice requesting “transportation services” for asylum claimants within Quebec…

“According to official statistics, 2019 saw 63,830 people walk into Canada and claim asylum. A majority of these crossings took place at the unofficial border crossing located at Roxham Road.

“The latest statistics published by the Immigration and Refugee Board of Canada also indicate that more people crossed into Canada illegally from January to March 2020 than they did over the same period in 2019

“Eligible service providers would sign on for a contract with the federal government for a period of three years and six months. According to the notice’s statement of work, bidders should be able to transport
150 asylum seekers per day”…

“The selected transportation service provider will be required to drive groups of asylum claimants from various points of entry into Canada to accommodations in Lacolle, Quebec, where they can complete their two-week coronavirus isolation period.

“Once the self-isolation period is over, migrants will be transported to federally-provided {Taxpayer-provided} temporary accommodations in the Greater Montreal Area…”

–‘Trudeau government seeking contractor to transport asylum claimants to temporary residences’,

See also:
Canada’s Border Still Leaking{September 25, 2017}:
“…the Trudeau government’s incoherent policy regarding border crossings. If these migrants showed up at the official port of entry at Lacolle claiming Canada’s protection, they would be turned back, because Ottawa considers the U.S. a “safe third country” (i.e. a safe place for individuals to claim refugee status).

“Yet, confusingly, migrants are not being turned back when they pass through a well-known, unofficial crossing mere kilometres from the official port of entry at Lacolle. These illegal crossings occur right in front of RCMP officers…”

Another Senator Muzzled By Political Correctness’ (Illegal Immigration) {Aug.25, 2017}

We open the doors of Canada without any concern for the safety of the population. I am opposed to this form of immigration where it is said that Canada can welcome everybody, in any way. The media and government are working together to silence us.”
–Senator Pierre-Hugues Boisvenu 


Illegal Border Crossing Update{July 22, 2017}:
“New figures released today show a shift in where the RCMP are arresting people crossing illegally into Canada. Data from the federal government shows a drop in the number of people being apprehended in Manitoba, but a major increase in Quebec.”

Canada: Rewarding Illegal Entry{Feb.17, 2017}:
“80 to 90% of the people who are denied asylum in the United States do end up winning their ‘refugee’ claim before the ‘Immigration and Refugee Board of Canada’.”

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