‘Quotas Rather Than Merit?’

When a country starts dividing people into categories, and instituting quotas rather than merit for government appointments, it can definitely be said that they are guilty of ‘systemic discrimination’. It is both offensive and unjust and, in the case of judges, brings the judicial system into question… 

“The number of ‘racialized’ appointees {‘Racialized’ is the trendy, racist term for ‘non-‘White’} to the bench actually dipped slightly for a couple of years before rising again over the past year. Since the ‘Liberal’ {Party} government started its second mandate last November, it says 19% of new judges self-identified as being from visible minority groups and 3% were ‘Indigenous’ {sic, ‘Aboriginal’}

“Taken together, that’s a total of 22% of appointments — not far shy of the 27% of Canadians who come from these communities.

“Justice Minister David Lametti deserves credit for picking up the pace, but those numbers cover just less than one full year. At this rate, it will be many long years before the Canadian judiciary starts to look like the population as a whole. It’s time to pick up the pace, and a group of bar associations and legal groups this week identified one good place to start.

“It’s the Federal Court of Canada…”

–‘Federal Court urgently needs a fix on diversity’,
Toronto Star Editorial Board, Sept.20, 2020
See also:
Pro-Quebec Bias on Canada’s Political Court’ (New Chief Justice) {January 2, 2018}:
“Relying on a discriminatory tradition that favours Quebec, the Prime Minister has appointed another Quebecker as Chief Justice of the Supreme Court of Canada…”


Training Legal Warriors To Undermine Canada’:
“Courts and academics are transforming the Charter of Rights and Freedoms from a roster of fundamental liberties, into a ‘social-justice’ {‘communist’} charter that justifies curbing individual freedoms instead of protecting them… Individual liberties are no longer fundamental. Everyone is not subject to the same rules. The legal ground is shifting.”


More overt government discrimination…’ (Hiring CBC President) {Aug.28, 2017}:
“Preference may be given to candidates who are members of one or more of the following groups: women, ‘indigenous’ peoples {descendants of Siberian settlers}, persons with disabilities, and members of ‘visible’ minorities {What about invisible minorities?}…

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