‘Suppressing English Is UnCanadian’

The Quebec government is ‘legally’ extending the repression of the English language, once again demonstrating the divisive weaknesses in our Constitution… 

The change would see French become the mandatory language for all businesses in Quebec with more than 50 employees.”

“Canada’s Commissioner of Official Languages expressed reservations about the desire of the Quebec government to extend the ‘Charter of the French Language’ to businesses that are under federal jurisdiction…

The plan to extend ‘Bill 101’ to companies such as banks or ‘VIA Rail’ has the backing of the Bloc Quebecois, the New ‘Democratic’ Party and, more recently, the ‘Conservative’ Party {!?!}. If it were to go ahead, the change would see French become the mandatory language for all businesses in Quebec with more than 50 employees.

“The extension of ‘Bill 101’ will be included in Minister responsible for the French Language Simon Jolin-Barrette’s forthcoming action plan to strengthen French in Quebec.
{It’s not about ‘strengthening French’, but further suppressing the use of English – an official language that Canadians have a right to use in their own country…}

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“Commissioner of Official Languages Raymond Theberge said he would wait to see the final product before making a decision but served a warning to the Quebec government.

It’s important to recognize that we have two official languages and we need strong communities, whether they are official language communities outside Quebec or in Quebec”,
he said.

“He added that the possible impact, which could include other provinces following Quebec’s example and imposing English-only mandates on companies under federal jurisdiction, needs to be studied.

“The Bloc has already indicated it will table its own bill on the issue, which it has done without success in the past. But this time, only Prime Minister Justin Trudeau’s ‘Liberals’, who hold a minority government, appear ready to object.

“In a ‘Speech from the Throne’ given at the end of September, Trudeau’s government said defending the rights of Francophones outside Quebec and Anglophones inside Quebec “is a priority for the government”.
{The first is true; the second is obviously false…}

“But the Government of Canada must also recognize the situation of French is special {Here we go…French exceptionalism}. The government therefore has a responsibility to protect and promote French not only outside Quebec, but also in Quebec.”
{See what we mean?}

–‘Quebec’s plan to expand Bill 101 has supporters in Ottawa, but language commissioner not one of them’,
Canadian Press, October 11, 2020, Updated October 13, 2020
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See also:
Danger: Bigots At Work!’ (Quebec Language Discrimination) {Dec.11, 2019}:
More blatant language discrimination from French bigots – and our Constitution enables this!:
   “A new language policy will ensure all ministries and organizations offer public services almost exclusively in French.”

Quebec’s charter has nasty surprise for anglos{Nov.13, 2013}:
“Even though Quebec is part of Canada, it is able to continue to ignore Canada’s “Charter of Rights and Freedoms” when it comes to the repression of the English language. This is because of an idiotic clause in the Canadian Constitution called “The Notwithstanding Clause“, which allows provinces to sidestep human rights by simply passing a motion through their provincial legislature. This then enables the province to freely violate these rights, as Quebec is engaged in doing…”

Quebec shop owner ordered to use French on Facebook{Mar. 3, 2014}:
“Cooper, who owns Delilah’s (in the Parc), a women’s boutique in Chelsea, 10 km north of Ottawa in Quebec, received a letter from the OQLF ─ office Quebecois de la langue francaise. ─ on Feb. 18 indicating they had received a complaint that Delilah’s Facebook page was in English. The letter, which was written in French, said the 45-year-old shopkeeper was violating section 52 of Quebec’s language charter, which makes French the official language of the province.”

Feds Pushing French’ (Francophone Immigration) {Oct.30, 2020}:
Another example of blatantly-hypocritical and discriminatory policies that enable the expansion of Francophone communities outside Quebec while ignoring the repression of English-speaking communities inside Quebec – all of it enabled by a flawed and discriminatory Canadian Constitution.
   “The federal government will give an advantage to skilled workers who speak French and are applying for permanent residency and immigration to Canada…
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