‘Racist Selection Criteria’

More ‘do-gooder’ racism, enabled by the Trojan Horse in the Charter – Section 15(2)…

“On applications for fall 2021, students who identify as ‘Black’ {How ‘Black’ do they have to be?} or ‘Indigenous’ {sic, they mean ‘Aboriginal’} and meet admission criteria, will bypass the regular selection lottery to enrol in the specialty program of their choice, according to a report released by the Peel school board…” 

–‘Peel board to ensure Black students have a route into elite academic programs’,
Michele Henry, Toronto Star, Nov. 10, 2020

See also:
Playing Racial Favourites’ (Black Entrepreneurship Program) {Oct. 5, 2020}:
   “If a nation is an extended family, then any programs initiated by the government should unite the family, not divide it.”
“The ‘Liberal’ {Party} government has announced plans for a ‘Black Entrepreneurship Program’ that will work with banks and other lending agencies to provide loans and other support for {only} ‘Black’ business people…”

Social Justice’ Killing Education’ (OISE/TDSB) {December 27, 2017}:
“Every school board, school and classroom will be re-engineered to root out {only ‘white’} ‘racism’ and ‘discrimination’. School boards will collect data on race and ethnicity to ensure that ‘equity’ {‘race’} is reflected in everything from staff hires to student suspensions. Teaching materials will be revised to be less ‘Eurocentric’ {‘intellectual’}. Children will be taught the {one-sided, Leftist} history of ‘colonialism’, residential schools and ‘oppression’. Kids in the “applied” stream will be placed in the academic stream, because streaming is ‘discriminatory’…”
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