‘What Is B.C. Doing?’

Gambling income that is supposed to be for the benefit of all citizens is being directed specifically to Aboriginals; this, despite the fact that when British Columbia joined Confederation, it demanded – and got – recognition that, beyond supplying reserve land for which it would be reimbursed, British Columbia had NO responsibility for Aboriginals, financial or otherwise.
So, what is going on?

“‘First Nations’ {‘Aboriginal communities’} in B.C. and the provincial government completed and signed a 23-year agreement on Sept. 16, 2020, that will see the Province share approximately $3 billion in gaming revenue

“More than 97% of eligible ‘First Nations’ in B.C. have joined the ‘First Nations’ Gaming Revenue Sharing Limited Partnership’, and started receiving their share of new revenue in September 2019 under an interim two-year agreement. The completion of the long-term agreement guarantees their share of gaming revenue for the subsequent 23 years.

This agreement marks an exciting commitment from the Province to B.C. ‘First Nations’, as it relates to gaming revenue, that inspires hope regarding the application of United Nations Declaration on the Rights of ‘Indigenous’ Peoples and informs how we can engage in successful government-to-government relations“, 

said Judith Sayers, {Aboriginal} co-chair, BC ‘First Nations’ Gaming Commission…

“The agreement is the first major multilateral agreement with ‘First Nations’ that substantively incorporates the ‘UN Declaration’, following the passage of the ‘Declaration on the Rights of ‘Indigenous’ {sic, ‘Aboriginal’} Peoples Act’ in November 2019… ‘First Nations’ determine how their communities will benefit best from the revenue…

“The long-term agreement will provide certainty for ‘First Nations’ in B.C. to share in the Province’s gaming revenues for 25 years. In 2019, the Province made amendments to the “Gaming Control Act”, establishing an ‘entitlement’ to 7% of the ‘B.C. Lottery Corporation’s net income…”

‘Long-term agreement guarantees 25 years of revenue shared with First Nations’,
BCAFN Press Release,
‘Terms of the Union’ (1871)
14. “The charge of the Indians, and the trusteeship and management of the lands reserved for their use and benefit, shall be assumed by the Dominion Government…”
See also:
British Columbia: The Giveaway Continues{July 23, 2019}:
Every ‘First Nation’ {aboriginal} community in B.C. will be eligible for between $250,000 and $2 million annually through the agreement.”
This government ‘generosity’ is money unfairly taken from British Columbian taxpayers, as aboriginals are Constitutionally wards of the FEDERAL government, and the document that B.C. signed when joining Canada expressly states that B.C.’s ONLY financial obligation to aboriginals is to provide Crown lands for reserves, for which the province would be reimbursed…

Balkanizing British Columbia{Jan.16, 2020}:
British Columbia politicians are thoughtlessly embedding Race law, two-tiered ‘rights’, and United Nations influence in all aspects of B.C. legislation:
Horgan told the chiefs his government has a lot of work ahead {!}, to adapt provincial legislation {to segregate British Columbia} to the dozens of articles of the UN declaration {Some of which are CONTRARY to the Canadian Constitution}…”

B.C. Gov’t Betrays the Interests of Most Residents{April 7, 2019}:
“As throne speech commitments go, not many over the years have been more fraught with consequences for B.C. than the one proclaimed by the John Horgan N‘D’P government.
B.C. will be the first province in Canada to introduce legislation to implement the United Nations Declaration on the ‘Rights’ of ‘Indigenous’ People”,
it read in part.
“The goal is
mandating government to bring provincial laws and policies into harmony with the declaration.”
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