‘Quebecers Opposed To Special Rights for Aboriginals’

There should be no ‘special rights’ for any group of Canadians…but Quebecers agreeing with this is somewhat ironic. It would seem that what’s ‘good for the goose’ isn’t ‘good for the gander’…

Quebecers think it’s important for ‘Indigenous’ people and non-‘Indigenous’ people to have the same rights. They are opposed to special or additional rights that certain politicians seem to want to grant to ‘First Nations’.”

“With the federal government tabling a bill last week aiming to make the ‘United Nations Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples’ {UNDRIP} applicable to Canada, a clear majority of Quebecers are opposed to them having special or additional rights, compared to what all Quebecers enjoy. According to an ‘Ipsos’ poll commissioned by the MEI, 55% of Quebecers think ‘Indigenous’ {sic, ‘Aboriginal’} people should have the same rights as them, no more and no less.

–65% of Quebecers intending to vote for the ‘Coalition avenir Québec’ (CAQ) think that ‘Indigenous’ people should not have any special rights. Only among ‘Québec Solidaire’ (QS) voters does a plurality of people favour special rights for ‘Indigenous’ people (44%).

–50% of CAQ voters think it is either the provincial or the federal government that should have the final word in cases of economic projects on land claimed by ‘First Nations’ {Aboriginal communities}. Only 28% of them think that ‘Indigenous’ people should have a veto right or blocking power in these matters. In contrast, 60% of QS voters think the final word should belong to ‘Indigenous’ people.

–72% of CAQ voters think ‘Indigenous’ governments should either have the powers and level of autonomy associated with municipal governments, or no more than they have now. Conversely, only 5% of them think that ‘Indigenous’ people should have powers comparable to those of the federal government.

Quebecers think it’s important for ‘Indigenous’ people and non-‘Indigenous’ people to have the same rights. They are opposed, though, to special or additional rights that certain politicians seem to want to grant to ‘First Nations’,”
says Michel Kelly-Gagnon, President and CEO of the MEI.

While people are not currently aware of the potential scope of the UN’s ‘Declaration’, an obvious result of this poll is that a clear majority of Quebecers is opposed to the effects of its application in Canada”,
continues Mr. Kelly-Gagnon.

This ‘Declaration’ will likely grant ‘First Nations’ a de facto veto right over many important economic projects. There’s Hydro-Québec’s project to export electricity to Massachusetts, for instance, among many others. Yet, it is only a minority of Quebecers who think that ‘Indigenous’ people alone should make these decisions that affect all Quebecers”,
concludes the MEI President.

“The online poll was conducted from November 27 to December 1st, 2020… The poll is available on our website:”
“The Montreal Economic Institute is an independent public policy think tank. Through its publications, media appearances, and advisory services to policy-makers, the MEI stimulates public policy debate and reforms based on sound economics and entrepreneurship.”

–‘Poll: Quebecers against special rights or a blocking right for First Nations’,
Montreal Economic Institute, DECEMBER 9, 2020

See also:
Canadian Gov’t Invites U.N. Interference{Feb.3, 2020}:
“Canada’s unfortunate virtue-signalling at the United Nations simply Invites U.N. interference. Both the current and previous federal governments are guilty, as it was the ‘Conservative’ Harper government that signed on to the ridiculous UNDRIP – a document that permanently segregates Canadians and guarantees the unequal application of laws…
The U.N.’s ‘Committee on the Elimination of Racial Discrimination’ is urging Canada to stop work on three major resource projects, including the Trans Mountain pipeline expansion, because we haven’t ‘gained approval’ from affected ‘First Nations’ {‘Aboriginal’} folk. Let’s face it, there will never be enough consultation, sufficient agreement or, indeed, adequate approval for some group or another…”

Battle of the Brats{Jan.17, 2020}:
“Canada’s two most privileged groups – both with special Constitutional ‘rights’ — are going head-to-head. If all Canadians had equal legal rights, nonsense like this would not be happening:
The Quebec government’s decision to launch a constitutional challenge of a new federal law governing ‘Indigenous’ {sic, the CBC means ‘aboriginal’} child welfare has prompted ‘First Nations’ {‘aboriginal community’} leaders in Quebec to re-examine their relationship with the province.”

When Will We Ever Be Equal?{Nov.20, 2020}:
Quebec considers itself a Nation within Canada, just as the Aboriginals do. We are not all equal in this country. When will we ever be equal?
This was our response…”

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