‘More Quebec Gov’t Language Bigotry’

“English-speaking Quebecers are upset about informational COVID-19 flyers the provincial government distributed last week because they aren’t bilingual.

We received it in the mail, and my immediate response was ‘where is the English version’?
said Catherine Foster, a Quebec resident. 

“Kathleen Weil, the ‘Liberal’ {Party} MNA for Notre-Dame-de-Grâce, stepped in when she heard the news.

We had no information about that and so we quickly contacted the minister’s ‘cabinet politique’,
she said.
They said ‘Because of ‘Bill 101’, we can’t distribute it’.”

“The minister responsible for relations with English-speaking Quebecers tweeted that he will be printing English copies. He and his colleagues are looking for alternative ways to distribute them, perhaps through a food depot that delivers baskets {???}.

“The federal government sent out bilingual flyers last week, meaning Quebecers weren’t left completely in the dark. But the provincial version outlined more specific COVID-19 resources for Quebecers to consult…

” A marketing professor from Concordia University says the French-only policy is dangerous, particularly for seniors…”

–‘English-speaking Quebecers upset over delivery of French-only COVID-19 pamphlet’,
Katelyn Thomas, CTV News Montreal, April 14, 2020

See also:
Suppressing English Is UnCanadian’ (Quebec Extends Repression of English) {Nov.11, 2020}:
The Quebec government is ‘legally’ extending the repression of the English language, once again demonstrating the divisive weaknesses in our Constitution…
   “The change would see French become the mandatory language for all businesses in Quebec with more than 50 employees.”

Feds Pushing French’ (Francophone Immigration) {Oct.30, 2020}:
Another example of blatantly-hypocritical and discriminatory policies that enable the expansion of Francophone communities outside Quebec while ignoring the repression of English-speaking communities inside Quebec – all of it enabled by a flawed and discriminatory Canadian Constitution.
P.S. Why don’t provincial governments take over their own immigration, the way that Quebec has?

   “The federal government will give an advantage to skilled workers who speak French and are applying for permanent residency and immigration to Canada. The decision does not apply to those applying to come to the French-speaking province of Quebec, since that province runs its own immigration program…”

More Language Idiocy’ (English Emails) {Jan.12, 2020}:
‘Only in Canada’
“A new report from the Official Languages Commissioner claims federal employees are writing too many emails in English…”

Quebecers Opposed To Special Rights for Aboriginals’ (Poll) {Dec.21, 2020}:
There should be no ‘special rights’ for any group of Canadians…but Quebecers agreeing with this is somewhat ironic. It would seem that what’s ‘good for the goose’ isn’t ‘good for the gander’…

   “Quebecers think it’s important for ‘Indigenous’ people and non-‘Indigenous’ people to have the same rights. They are opposed to special or additional rights that certain politicians seem to want to grant to ‘First Nations’.”

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