‘Universities Undermining Canada’

From the ‘Poisoning of Children’s Minds’ file…
University of Ottawa law students support Racial Segregation and the undermining of Western law:

We don’t have to follow a Western point of view or a Western way of law or a colonized way of law…We already have our own law and orders that were passed to us for generations and generations.”

{And this is from an Aboriginal LAW student at a Canadian university!!!}

“The executive of a new ‘Indigenous’ {sic, the correct term is ‘Aboriginal’} student government at the University of Ottawa is celebrating its recent recognition and is hoping to to set a precedent for other Canadian universities {Let’s hope not!}.

“At a student union meeting Thursday night, the ‘Indigenous’ Law {!} Students Association {Aboriginals are NOT ‘Indigenous’ to North America. What is this university teaching?} presented a motion requesting the right to be recognized as a self-governing body, rather than a club or association.

“The motion passed with overwhelming support…

“Tawny Allison, one of the co-presidents, said there are three branches of law in Canada: civil law, common law and ‘Indigenous’ {sic} law.
{Thanks to the undermining of Western law conducted by the Supreme Court of Canada…}

So being able to be recognized as the third type of law that’s able to be practiced in Canada was really big“, 
{and really foolish…}
she said.

“‘I’LSG vice-president Taryn Michele said the group — which supports ‘Indigenous’ law students at the University of Ottawa and organizes events on campus — can now govern themselves with the legal traditions and laws of ‘Indigenous’ people {!?!}.

We don’t have to follow a Western point of view or a Western way of law or a colonized way of law“, 
{Oh yes, you do, child. You’re in for a big surprise…}
she said.
We already have our own law and orders that were passed to us for generations and generations.”

“Michele said she hopes their ‘accomplishment’ will allow other law students to also understand ‘Indigenous’ laws and their importance.

I think the other students, law students will know … more specifically about our laws, ‘Indigenous’ {sic} laws, whether that be Haudenosaunee law, Cree law, Ojibway law, Algonquin law“,
she said…

“In an email, Adam Dodek, Dean of the Faculty of Law’s ‘common law section’, said his office looked forward to “learning together and working together” with the ILSG.”
{This racist fool needs to be fired!}

–‘U of O Indigenous law students mark new era of self-government’,
Sarah Kester, CBC News, Nov. 16, 2020

See also:
Training Legal Warriors To Undermine Canada{April 13, 2018}:
“We have repeatedly pointed out that the contemporary billion-dollar Aboriginal Industry is the creation of a Canadian legal profession that, coincidentally, happens to be the chief beneficiary of the expansion of race-based differential treatment in law. To the detriment of Canada’s future, Canadian law schools seem to be gearing up for unlimited expansion of this discrimination-based legal gravy train…”

Creating A Segregated, Parallel Legal System In Canada’ (U. Of Victoria) {April 7, 2018}:
In an age when we are actively trying to move beyond the differential and discriminatory treatment of people based on race/ethnicity, here we have the Canadian legal profession actively and eagerly setting up a parallel, segregated legal system!
ALL Canadians should be subject to the same legal provisions.
We DEMAND this as Canadian citizens!
We say ‘NO’ to segregated legal systems…
   “A new law program at the University of Victoria is the world’s first to combine the intensive study of both ‘indigenous’ {‘primitive’} and ‘non-‘indigenous’ {‘modern’} law, enabling people to work fluently across the two realms {WHY?}.”

The ‘Indigenization’ and ‘Racialization’ of Canadian Universities’ (U. Of Regina) {September 25, 2016}:
“There’s a new {racial} buzzword rolling off the tongues of Canada’s university administrators: ‘indigenization’. Campuses are looking for new ways to welcome aboriginal students, recruit aboriginal faculty members and embed ‘indigenous’ content in the curriculum. Some schools are even requiring all students — no matter what their specialization — to take at least one ‘indigenous’ studies course before they graduate.”

Only One Culture Matters?’ (U. Of Winnipeg) {July 20, 2018}:
“Although there are students from many cultures, the University of Winnipeg continues to elevate one race/ethnicity above all others.”

Race Is All That Matters’ (Mount Saint Vincent University) {May 16, 2018}:
The headline says it all:
   “Mount Saint Vincent University under fire over residential schools course taught by white professor.”
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