‘Whose Land Is It, Anyway?’

‘Canadian Voices’
“Let’s get a few things straight about being Canadian.

“The land does not belong to just one group of people – ‘First Nations’. It belongs to all of us who choose to call Canada home. So stop telling hardworking fellow Canadians that they are thieves because of an unsavoury history with Colonialism. 

“The title to my home and property states I own it. Lawfully. I surely don’t feel like I “stole” anything from anyone. How dare anyone try and insist that ANY Canadian somehow stole something they own – that they worked for!! Specifically land, in this case.

“Because of historical events that modern ‘non-‘Indigenous’ Canadians have had no hand in? That doesn’t make sense.

“Most Canadians respect the ‘Indigenous’ history of the land. But do you respect the multiculturalism of Canada?

“The blame game won’t work forever. Self-righteousness is a keeper of the victim mentality. When you carry a huge amount of arrogant self-righteousness, you are blind to the opinions and paths of others.

“Some of you would like the world to believe that the government hasn’t taken steps to set right past wrongs. And yet, the government HAS taken steps to remedy past wrongs. MANY times. Perhaps just not in the way some people see fit. These steps will never good enough for some.

“I’m not sure what the ultimate answer is here. I don’t think anyone is. However, it is surely not an effective approach to continually pass blame on those who do not deserve it.

“Things cannot and will not go back to the way they were “before”.

“Yes. I write this as a “privileged” ‘white’ female. However, I also write this as someone who grew up in a home rife with abuse. Alcoholism. And the subsequent dysfunction that comes with the environment. But I managed to put that behind me. And move forward. Against many odds.

“Maybe some of you should take the same direction. Forward and healing.

“Something we also need to put behind us as Canadians are the absurd and antiquated notions that some people choose to have – mainly radical ‘First Nations’ people. Don’t get me wrong here. There are plenty of Canadians making fools of themselves on all sides of the cultural spectrum. And you all should be ashamed of yourselves.

“‘First Nations’ ancestors did not just appear in North America, magically, out of thin air one day thousands of years ago. They came in waves across the land and ice bridge from Asia. Potentially, they came by boat. But they came from elsewhere. All of us did.

“What’s more, these waves of ‘First Nations’ peoples, in many cases, were
not related groups. They came from various places around North Eastern Asia and were from different genetic strains.

“In other words, the “natives of North America” are not a homogenous group of people and more importantly, they are immigrants, too. Like millions of immigrants today.

“First people. Yes. Immigrants. Yes. But we are all immigrants in this nation.

“What about the ‘non-‘Indigenous’ immigrants who came here long ago with nothing and shaped the prairies into valuable farmlands? Created industries and legacies. Our country was built on the backbone of hard work! By many people, not just one group.

“The immigrants who continue to enrich our already diverse communities? You can’t blame them for what happened historically.

“Nor can you blame me!

“Yet, some of you try to. I don’t buy it. Nor do many other Canadians.

“I respect there is/was a horrible and long-term, impactful, deconstructive history of a way of life, culture and social structure in regards to ‘First Nations’ history.

“However, the idea that the “natives” were peaceful caretakers of the land or benevolent tenants couldn’t be further from the truth. The various tribes right across Canada warred on each other constantly. They were violent. Want proof? Ask the Huron.

“Oh, that’s right you can’t. The Iroquois’ wiped them out.

“These are just facts. Take them or leave them.

“How about slavery that was rife among ‘First Nation’ tribes?.
Is slavery peaceful and humane? No.

“My point here being that the myriad array of cultures that have melded into Canada all have some sort of unscrupulous history to consider. Every single one of them!

“The idea that we “stole” this land from ‘First Nations’ is again ridiculous. A more technologically-advanced and numerous culture invaded and conquered. The story is nothing new to the story of how the world has unfolded and evolved.

“This again is what has been happening since the dawn of humanity all around the globe. It is not unique to Canada.

“This is the year 2020 – or have some of you forgotten that? Most of us have worked hard for what we have and appreciate living in such a beautiful country. And one another.

“It’s akin to saying the Saxons should return England to the Angles. Or maybe we should launch a campaign to have the Roman descendants give Italy back to the Etruscans?

“It is a nonsensical notion driven by the politically-correct bleeding hearts, some intellectually-deficient politicians, and pressure from radical ‘Indigenous’ groups.

“Whose land is it, anyway?

“We are all stuck in this together. Like it or not. A bit of respect for one another goes a long way. Pointing fingers, blaming the government continually, or racially slandering one another is childish and insufficient to promote change…if change is truly the goal at hand?

“What does make sense is working together to improve the future.”

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