‘Living In A Court-Induced Fantasyland’

‘Métis ‘Nation’ British Columbia’ sent a letter demanding the next government start recognizing Métis as a ‘distinct people’ and enter into government-to-government talks.”

The Supreme Court foolishness of giving so-called ‘Aboriginal rights’ to those who claim to be ‘Metis’ has only begun to negatively affect Canada. The Metis ‘Nation’ was historically situated in Manitoba, Saskatchewan and part of Alberta; yet, here we have the so-called “Metis ‘Nation’ of B.C.” demanding their share of the racial booty…

“B.C.’s Métis have been left out of the ‘reconciliation’ process and are underfunded in areas such as health care and education compared to ‘First Nations’ {Aboriginal communities}, and the leader of their governing body said that has to change.

“‘Métis ‘Nation’ British Columbia’, which has 22,000 members and says it speaks for the province’s 90,000 {claimed} ‘Métis’, sent a letter on Thursday to the leaders of the three major political parties in B.C., demanding the next government start recognizing Métis as a ‘distinct people’ {Ridiculous} and enter into ‘government-to-government’ talks about policy and programs that affect them.

{They already can participate and vote in their local communities in federal, provincial and municipal elections – like all other Canadian citizens…}

We want to hear the word Métis coming from their mouths”,
said Métis B.C. president Clara Morin Dal Col.
It’s about time they started to recognize Métis, which make up 30% of ‘Indigenous’ {sic, ‘Aboriginal’} people in this province.”

“The Métis group released a report…that documented the differences in funding for ‘First Nations’ in B.C. and Métis, including the $60 million that the ‘First Nations’ Health Authority’ receives, compared to the $200,000 Métis receive for health care programs. A Métis spokesman said Métis are not eligible for services provided by the ‘FN’HA.

Where is the equality in that?” 
{What a joke! Claiming ‘equality’ while demanding racial privilege…}
said Morin Dal Col.
These responses (from the leaders) are going to be critical to our people and how they vote. And Métis people do vote.”

“NDP Leader John Horgan, ‘Liberal’ {Party} Leader Andrew Wilkinson and Green Party Leader Sonia Furstenau were asked by ‘Postmedia’ to respond to the letters, which the MNBC emailed to them on Thursday afternoon.

“A Green Party spokeswoman said in an email: 

We are taking time to review the letter so that we can provide a thoughtful response. Métis people face specific and unique challenges {?} and we are supportive of dedicated funding to resolve these issues.”

“A spokeswoman for Wilkinson said in an email the ‘Liberals’ will comment after they’ve had a chance to read the letter.

“The letter says “ignoring the Métis ‘Nation’ has been a consistent and long-standing policy of successive provincial governments in B.C.{Because the so-called ‘Metis Nation of B.C.’ is non-existent…and always has been} and that the government is focused on ‘First Nations’ “at the exclusion of the Métis ‘Nation’.”

“Marin Dal Col stressed that the Métis group isn’t suggesting the province’s ‘First Nations’ are adequately funded or should lose funding to the Métis.

“The letter requests funding for health care, education, skills training and {Racial} ‘rights’ for harvesting animals. Marin Dal Col said lobbying attempts have been ignored or “given lip service and go nowhere”.

“She said B.C. has never recognized the ‘distinct status’ of the Métis as guaranteed by ‘Section 35’ of the {racist} Constitution.

“The letter asks the leaders to respond to seven points, including calls for better funding, a request to deal directly with the Métis group on lands {?}, resources {?}, self-government {?} and economic development, an annual summit with the Premier and Cabinet on ‘reconciliation’ {?}, and the chance to contribute to policy and programs for B.C. Métis people.

It’s the government that needs to recognize the Métis and we need to be treated equally”,
{What a joke! This is all about getting ‘special’ treatment!}
she said.
We want to ensure that our Métis peoples are heard.”

–‘Métis Nation B.C. push for their constitutional rights and better funding’,
Susan Lazaruk, Vancouver Sun, Oct.02, 2020

See also:
Supreme Court Dividing Canadians{April 14, 2016}:
   “There is no consensus on who is considered Métis or a non-status Indian, nor need there be. Cultural and ethnic labels do not lend themselves to neat boundaries.”
{From the Supreme Court ruling… What a legal goldmine…}.”

Metis Self-Government Agreement’ (Metis ‘Nation’ Alberta) {Sept.25, 2019}:
“The first ever self-government agreement between Canada and a Métis government. Until very recently, Canada had refused to engage in any meaningful self-government negotiations with the Métis. Now, the Self-Government Agreement explicitly recognizes the Métis ‘Nation’ within Alberta as having an ‘inherent’ and constitutionally-protected ‘right’ to self-government… Canada has signed agreements similar to the Self-Government Agreement with the Métis ‘Nation’ – Saskatchewan and the Métis ‘Nation’ of Ontario.”

Fighting Over Unearned Spoils’ (Metis Infighting) {Sept.5, 2020}:
“Metis ‘Nation’-Saskatchewan (M‘N’-S) director Derek Langan, describing eastern Metis people, used the words “mix bloods”, “Heinz-57s”, “mongrels” and “monkeys” during a speech…”

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