‘Racism As A Guiding Principle’

Another government agency adopts racism as a guiding principle while pretending to be ‘fighting racism’. This will probably guarantee the end of large energy projects in Canada as Canada continues to commit economic suicide:

“Canada’s top pipeline regulator is signalling it wants to confront the problem of {so-called} ‘systemic racism’ and its sometimes fraught relationship with ‘First Nations’ {Aboriginal communities}

Would they say those things ‘if we didn’t make them accountable’ {“If we didn’t make them bend to our will”}? Probably not”,

said Rueben George, a member of the Tsleil-Waututh ‘First Nation’ {a ‘nation’ of 613 people} in British Columbia and manager of ‘Sacred Trust’, an organization launched by {some} Tsleil-Waututh to fight the ‘Trans Mountain’ pipeline expansion project…

“The ‘Canada Energy Regulator’ (CER) {formerly the ‘National Energy Board’ (NEB)} now says it’s committed to ‘systemic change’ {‘caving to Aboriginal demands’} within the federal body, which reviews pipelines, cross-border power lines and some oil and gas activity in Canada’s North.

“The CER’s senior leadership recently sat down for a virtual interview with ‘CBC News’. They said the regulator, formerly the ‘National Energy Board’, hasn’t lived up to its ‘obligations’ to ‘First Nations’, Métis and Inuit {???}

Tsleil-Waututh ‘First Nation’ Chief Rueben George, Federal Court of Appeal in Vancouver, Feb. 4, 2020. (JONATHAN HAYWARD-CANADIAN PRESS)

{The courts don’t agree:
The Federal Court of Appeal says the government’s decision to approve the Trans Mountain pipeline expansion a second time is reasonable and will stand. In a unanimous, 3-0 decision today, the court dismissed four challenges to that approval launched last summer by ‘First Nations’ {aboriginal communities} in British Columbia… 

“…the three judges who decided the case say cabinet’s second round of consultations with ‘First Nations’ affected by the pipeline was
anything but a rubber-stamping exercise”.

The judges say the government made a “genuine effort” to listen to and consider the concerns raised by the ‘First Nations’ and introduced new conditions to mitigate them

“The government intends to finish the expansion and then sell both the existing pipeline and the expansion back to the private sector. It has been in talks with some ‘Indigenous’ {sic, Aboriginals are NOT ‘Indigenous’ to Canada} communities about the sale, but Finance Minister Bill Morneau has said the project won’t be sold until all the risks to proceeding are eliminated. Those risks included this court case.”

–‘Federal court dismisses Indigenous challenge of Trans Mountain pipeline expansion’,
CANADIAN PRESS, February 4, 2020
https://globalnews.ca/news/6505101/trans-mountain-expansion-indigenous-federal-court/ }

From the organization’s perspective, I acknowledge that ‘systemic racism’ exists {Examples?}. We as an organization need to acknowledge that and to acknowledge our part in that“,

said Ms. Gitane De Silva, the regulator’s CEO.

The NEB has operated in a way that discounted ‘Indigenous’ people, that saw them as an obstacle, that was adversarial“, {Nonsense}

added Cassie Doyle, the CER’s chairwoman.
{Note that women now run this agency…}

‘Systemic racism’ is when the system itself is based upon and founded upon racist beliefs and philosophies and thinking and has put in place policies and practices that literally force even the non-racists to act in a racist way“,
{Like the A‘FN’ or the {Partial} Truth and Reconciliation Commission?}

{Aboriginal Race activist} Murray Sinclair told the ‘Globe and Mail’ in June…

“The new regulator now has an explicit mandate to advance ‘reconciliation’ {‘one-way concessions’} with ‘First Nations’, Métis and Inuit and to implement the United Nations Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples.
{But Canadian Aboriginals are NOT ‘Indigenous’. They are the descendants of Siberian/Mongolian migrants…}

“For the CER, it also means it’s legally required to embed an ‘Indigenous’ Advisory Committee high within its governance structure…”
{It is now completely biased and one-sided…and, ironically enough, ‘systemically racist’…}

–‘Canada’s pipeline regulator says it’s taking a stand against systemic racism’,
David Thurton {a ‘Black’ pseudo-journalist}, CBC News, Feb 28, 2021

From 2018:
“Two ‘indigenous’ leaders from British Columbia say they will travel to pipeline builder Kinder Morgan’s annual general meeting in Texas this week.

“Chief Judy Wilson with the Neskonlith Indian Band {a ‘nation’ of 660 people} and Rueben George representing the Tsleil-Waututh ‘Nation’ {a ‘nation’ of 602 people} ‘Sacred Trust Initiative’ say they intend to warn investors about the risk of proceeding with Kinder Morgan’s ‘Trans Mountain’ pipeline expansion without consent from ‘First Nations’…

“The Comptroller of New York State, an investor in Kinder Morgan, provided the proxy that allows the two leaders to present a resolution…

“Wilson, who is also secretary-treasurer of the ‘Union of B.C. Indian Chiefs’, says Kinder Morgan stockholders have not been properly advised about ‘indigenous’ ‘rights’ in Canada…

Investors need to prepare for the risk of months of unwavering and strong opposition”,
Wilson says in the news release…

“George says the Tsleil-Waututh conducted a review based in ‘unextinguished’ ‘indigenous’ law {a direct challenge to the sovereignty of B.C. and Canada that must be dealt with} and denied the project free, prior and informed consent…

{The pipeline doesn’t even cross their claimed ancestors’ former lands…}

Kinder Morgan does not have the required consent of ‘indigenous’ ‘nations’ {mostly extended families} along the pipeline and tanker route {Not true — See below}, and it never will”,

Wilson says, adding there is nothing the Canadian government can do {? Such undemocratic racial entitlement}

We will continue fighting against this project until it is abandoned”,

says Wilson…”
{Or until you are put in your place! You don’t dictate to Canada…}

–‘Two B.C. Indigenous leaders plan to speak at Kinder Morgan pipeline AGM’,
Canadian Press, May 7, 2018

Tsleil-Waututh ‘First Nation’ ‘Consultation Boundary'(Lower Mainland, B.C.) {They wish…}

See also:

We have ‘Aboriginal title’ to the water, land, and air {!} in eastern Burrard Inlet…”

The Tsleil Waututh ‘Nation’ {a ‘nation’ of 602 people} stopped the Trans Mountain pipeline in a courtroom. The map shows the Tsleil Waututh ‘Nation’s claimed but unproven ‘traditional territory’, within which they insist they must be consulted. The area includes Vancouver and the Greater Vancouver area. Vancouver has a Mayor who agrees with them. Several other tribes have overlapping claims…

Aboriginal chiefs in a march during a protest against the Trans Mountain pipeline expansion in Burnaby, B.C., 2018 03 10. (DARRYL DYCK—CANADIAN PRESS)

Shooting Themselves In The Foot’:
“Clearly, ‘indigenous’ communities stand to lose a great deal if ‘Trans Mountain’ dies on the vine. According to company sources, 51 ‘First Nation’ communities have signed comprehensive mutual benefit agreements (MBAs) with the pipeline project {forced on companies by our courts}, worth more than $400 million… That’s 41 agreements in B.C. and 10 in Alberta — including every ‘First Nation’ on land where the pipeline crosses and 80% of ‘First Nation’ communities in proximity to the pipeline’s right-of-way…”

Trudeau’s Karma’ (Pipeline) {April 8, 2018}:
Justin Trudeau’s support for aboriginal entitlement appropriately rebounded in his face. The arrogance of some aboriginal youth is growing, along with their sense of racial entitlement…

Programming the Canadian Judiciary’ (‘Systemic Racism’) {Jan.13, 2021}:
It’s bad enough that Leftist – and racist — ideologues have take over several Canadian law schools but now, the Leftist federal government is attempting to ensure that judges think the same way as the government. P.S. The so-called ‘Conservative’ Party voted in favour of this:
   “A bill that requires sexual assault training for federally-appointed judges has been amended by MPs to also include training on “systemic racism and systemic discrimination” — a change some see as a troubling sign politicians will keep venturing further into judicial training…”

Catering To Nonsense{Aug. 2, 2019}:
So, are they expected to do “archaeological assessments” along all 670 kms of the pipeline route? Insanity…
   “The company behind a natural gas pipeline in northern and central British Columbia says construction began in a number of places before archaeological assessments were complete.”

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