“A tweet was issued against MP Pierre Poilievre from the Carleton Federal ‘Liberal’ {Party} Association. It attacked the MP for wearing a hoodie with a logo that was allegedly associated with “climate change denial” and “white supremacy“. 

“The tweet reads:
   “Does he deny climate change? And what’s with the clenched white fist, a white supremacy symbol? Really? What does Poilievre stand for? Who’s he fighting for? We’d like to know. Wouldn’t you?
The tweet has since been deleted.

“If the Carleton ‘Liberals’ had actually done any research on ‘Oil Sands Strong’,
a grassroots pro-energy advocacy group of Canadians whose “mission is to fight back against these attacks by providing the public with the factual information they need to make informed decisions about“, maybe they wouldn’t have issued such a ridiculous claim. ‘Oil Sands Strong’ was actually established and owned by Robbie Picard, an ‘indigenous’ {sic, ‘aboriginal’} man living in Fort McMurray.

“We reached out to Robbie for discussion on the matter:
TBT: What’re your thoughts on the incident, overall?

“As a ‘gay’ Metis man in the energy sector, I’ve experienced different forms of abuse…but I tend not to let it bother me. However, we do need to stop these disastrous misinformed attacks on our energy sector. This one caught me particularly off-guard as it came from a constituency association. Over 5 years, as I’ve run the page, I’ve spoken from Vancouver to Halifax. I have taken on celebrities like Jane Fonda for misinformation. However, to call an organization as multicultural as ours (in a city like Fort McMurray, which is also very much multicultural) ‘white supremacist’ is insulting. I’m also a full member of the ‘Northeastern Alberta Aboriginal Business Association’, and 90% of our revenue comes from ‘indigenous’-owned businesses. Lastly, it’s elitist: it just shows how out of touch Ottawa is with the people who furnish the tax revenue needed to support their lifestyle.”

TBT: What kind of resolution would you like to see to this incident?

“I’ve worked with all people from many different political backgrounds, including Rachel Notley and even Trudeau before he became Prime Minister, but I hope at the bare minimum that whoever put this out, apologizes. That comment shows an absolute lack of common sense. We need to realize that this war on fossil fuels is destroying the country; we all need fossil fuels to thrive. Gaslighting the 90,000 people who support this organization as ‘white supremacist’ is wrong and the person should be held accountable.

“Also, they’ve insulted a well-known conservative politician in the process who was just showing support for Albertans in Ottawa. Notice, too, how they go out of their way to crop out his biracial daughter; it really shows how low they’re willing to go to misrepresent.”

TBT: Anything else you want to add?

“We need to stop using Fort McMurray and our energy workers as political punching bags to score points. It’s cruel, misguided and not factual. When you have a politician like Elisabeth May who travels from Gulf Islands to Ottawa on a regular basis, calling carbon “dead”, we see through the hypocrisy – all they’re doing is damaging the country. We’re not gonna solve any of our problems by being immature children.”

–‘Carleton Liberals call ‘Oil Sands Strong’ logo ‘Racist’, unaware that OSS is Indigenous-Owned’,
Travis Beauregard, Mar.26, 2021

VIDEO: https://www.facebook.com/TheBuffaloTribune/videos/766728630886691

UPDATE: “As of this moment the Carleton Liberal Twitter account is now deactivated.”

“Carleton Liberals forced to take down slanderous racial tweet targeting oil sands workers & insulting Fort Mac. Now Trudeau & defeated Liberal candidate, Chris Rodgers must apologize for hurtful lie.”

See also: 
I Can Speak For Myself’ (Female Aboriginal Oil Worker) {Oct.13, 2020}:
“To hear it from oil sands critics, politicians and activists, ‘Indigenous’ {sic, ‘Aboriginal’} people in the oil sands are a contradiction. Surely, they cannot exist. Or if they do, they are surely victims of a predatory resource industry, or are colonized sellouts.
So I thought I’d share my own story…”

Correcting Celebrity Misconceptions’ (Jane Fonda) {Mar. 27, 2021}:
   “Let’s have a conversation based on facts; not stereotypes based on dogmas or an ideology. I look forward to sharing with you a different perspective on the oil sands industry and the important role it plays in our economy and social development.”
“Meet Stephen Buffalo, President and CEO of the ‘Indian Resource Council of Canada’, who has taken to social media to make a request to Jane Fonda to have a calm and fact-based discussion about the oil and gas industry in Canada…”

Killing energy projects only hurts ‘First Nations’:
“‘First Nations’ across Canada benefit from natural resource development. A whole class of ‘First Nation’ and Metis entrepreneurs have grown around the resource industry. In response to vocal ‘indigenous’ resistance to pipelines, the ‘Indian Resource Council’, an organization representing aboriginal communities supportive of the oil and gas industries, has tried to have its voice heard.”

Chief Denounces Environmentalist ‘Red-washing’ (B.C.):
Some aboriginal leaders are getting tired of being manipulated by ‘environmental’ activists:
   “Cancellation of the ‘Trans Mountain’ pipeline would cost B.C. ‘First Nations’ hundreds of millions of dollars in benefits, job training, and employment and business opportunities, according to Cheam Chief Ernie Crey.”


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