‘A Piece Of The Action’

Aboriginals suing the Canadian people for educating them,
(Instigated by Aboriginal Industry law firms).
P.S. It should be pointed out that this is not about Residential schools. These children went home after school every day, just like most Canadian children:

“To assist Class Members with Claim Forms, Gowling WLG is providing Claim Assistance Workshops by way of video conference…” 

–‘Canada Wide Claim Assistance Workshop’,
Federal Indian Day School Class Action, Gowling WLG (Canada) LLP

This lawsuit is in spite of the fact that our craven federal government already caved on this issue:
Taxpayers Fleeced Again’ (Day School Payments) {May 13, 2019}:
Paid for the Tragedy of Learning to Read and Write:
The government has reached a proposed settlement with former Indian Day Schools students that would compensate each ‘survivor’ {a pejorative term for aboriginal students} $10,000… Those who {claim to have} experienced physical and sexual abuse at the schools are also eligible for additional compensation of between $50,000 and $200,000, based on severity {and without having to provide proof!}…”

See also:
Pushing For More Easy Money’ (Day Schools):
“The added irony to this story is that it comes from the overtly-racist and criminal Mohawk reserve of Kahnawake.
Wanting payment for the ‘damage’ done from learning to read and write…”


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