‘More Discriminatory Law Enforcement’

Another example of Race Based, two-tiered law enforcement: 

“It has now been more than a week since eviction notices were handed out at an encampment on the Manitoba Legislative grounds, but despite those warnings, some at that encampment say that so far they have no plans to pack up and leave.

“On Thursday morning, the Winnipeg Sun spoke to Danko Makwa Kaypeytashete, an elder and residential school ‘survivor’ {the pejorative, politicized term for ‘former student’}, while she and several dozen other people remained at an encampment that has been set up for more than 14 months on the east side of the Manitoba Legislative building grounds.

“Kaypeytashete said that when the news first broke in May of 2021 that what are believed to be 215 unmarked graves of children were ‘discovered’ near a former residential school in Kamloops, a ceremonial fire was lit on the legislative grounds to honour those children.

{Except that NO graves have been found!}

“She said soon after it was lit, it was decided that the fire should continue burning day and night until all former residential school sites in Canada where unmarked graves could be located are searched, and now 14 months later she said the fire continues to burn and the encampment remains…

Plans are to stay, and no I don’t agree with the law, I believe the ‘sacred’ fire should stay lit while all those sites are being searched, and more unmarked graves are found”,

{None have been…}

she said…

“During a Tuesday press conference, Justice Minister Kelvin Goertzen was asked why the encampment remained at the site on the east side of the building this week, despite eviction notices being handed out more than a week ago {!}. He said Manitoba Justice will be responsible for finding ways to get that encampment removed, but also said he would not get involved in his role in how the rules are ultimately enforced…

{What’s the point of passing a law and then not enforcing it? And yes, it IS the Justice Minister’s job to question police when the law is not being enforced…}

He said there were talks recently between the province and ‘Indigenous’ {sic, Canadian Aboriginals are ‘Indigenous’ to Mongolia and Siberia} leaders regarding the encampment {Why? Enforce the damn law! END RACE BASED LAW!}, but added no resolution came from those talks…”

–‘‘PLAN TO STAY’: Protest camp at Manitoba Legislature will keep sacred fire burning, says organizer’,

Dave Baxter, Winnipeg Sun, Sept. 01, 2022


FEATURE Image: Encampment on the front lawn of the Manitoba Legislature building has been given an eviction notice. (Kelly Malone-Canadian Press)

Encampment on the east side of the Manitoba Legislative building. (Dave Baxter -Winnipeg Sun)

Background Stories’:

“Two encampments on the grounds of the Manitoba Legislative Building remained set up Tuesday as the province’s eviction deadline of noon passed with no visible enforcement action taken.

Last week we got the eviction notice that we were supposed to be out of here by noon today”,

{And, of course, understanding Aboriginal privilege, they just defied the law and stayed.}

said Mary Starr, an east side camp member who identified herself by her traditional name ‘Danko Makwa Kaypeytashete’, which she said means ‘great-grandmother bear who comes like the wind’.

We’re still here and we plan to stay.”

“The camp on the east side of the Manitoba Legislative Building was set up more than a year ago to honour children who died while attending residential schools.

“On Tuesday, several news cameras were present as four liaison officers met with members of the east side camp just before the noon deadline and had what appeared to be an amicable conversation. No visible enforcement action was taken.

All we’re saying is we have a right to be here {A ‘right’ to break the law?} and this is the right place to be because they’re the government”,

{Even though historically the Manitoba government had nothing to do with Residential schools?}

Starr said.

We have issues. We believe what they’re doing to us is unfair.”

“A second, unrelated encampment has seen been set up on the legislative grounds in front of the main entrance to the building.

“The province served members of both camps with eviction notices on Aug. 17 which said people have to leave and remove their structures. The eviction notice said the camps are in violation of provincial legislation passed this year restricting permanent encampments on legislative property. The legislation bans people from erecting structures and occupying tents or permanent shelters.

“The law came into effect following a convoy protest in opposition of COVID-19 mandates and public health measures that blocked traffic in the area over the winter, and an incident on Canada Day in 2021 when protesters tore down two Queen statues.

{And law enforcement did nothing then, either…}

“Assembly of Manitoba Chiefs Acting Grand Chief Cornell McLean said he plans to visit both camps after calling on the province to delay the evictions.

The province has given us a reprieve until Thursday before they enforce their evictions“,

said McLean.

“He said he hopes to avoid any physical enforcement.

We’d like to come to some kind of peaceful resolution and not have any kind of violence or anything.”

{Then OBEY THE LAW and leave!}

“The second camp also remained in place after Tuesday’s deadline of noon.

“A spokesperson for Manitoba Justice said they remain in constant communication with law enforcement.

Although the deadline on the eviction notice has passed, the Justice department is continuing its dialogue with protesters at the encampments“, {Why?}

the spokesperson said in an email to CTV News Winnipeg.

“They added, protests and demonstrations are permitted on the grounds of the Legislature, but for safety and security reasons, encampments are not permitted.”

–‘Manitoba Legislature encampments remain in place as eviction deadline passes’,

Josh Crabb, CTV News, Aug. 23, 2022


An encampment on the Manitoba Legislative Building grounds in Winnipeg, Aug. 23, 2022. (PHOTO by KEVIN KING – Winnipeg Sun)

“Eviction warnings have been given to two longtime encampments on the Manitoba Legislature grounds. A handful of police were present Wednesday as the notices were given to demonstrators on the north and east sides of the legislative building.

“A statement from Justice Minister Kelvin Goertzen’s office said rallies and protests are acceptable on the grounds. But, the statement said, encampments are not permitted for the safety of staff, visitors, tourists and other protesters.

“The move comes after the ‘Progressive Conservative’ government passed legislation earlier this year to deal with the encampments. It gives Cabinet authority to determine what can and cannot occur on the Legislature grounds, which includes banning encampments, vandalism and vehicle blockades.

“It also bans setting fires, brandishing weapons, as well as depositing generators, firewood or other items to support an encampment.

Those regulations bring Manitoba in line with other jurisdictions across Canada, regardless of political stripe“,

the statement from Goertzen’s office said.

“Manitoba Justice officials are the lead on all interactions with the encampments, the statement said. Winnipeg police said officers were assisting the province.

“The government did not indicate how long the encampments had to leave the area.

“One of the encampments that received notice has been in place for more than a year and includes several tents, flags and other structures. It was set up after the discovery of possible unmarked graves at the sites of former residential schools.

“A second encampment popped up around June and includes a large teepee on the front lawn. It had previously been associated with nearby parked vehicles that had messages opposing COVID-19 public health restrictions posted on them.

Last summer, a statue of Queen Victoria was knocked down and beheaded during a Canada Day demonstration following the discovery of the possible graves. A Queen Elizabeth statue was also toppled. {The law wasn’t enforced then, either…}

“Earlier this year, protesters opposing COVID-19 restrictions also blocked off the streets in front of the legislature for nearly three weeks.”

–‘Province issues eviction notices to pair of encampments on Manitoba Legislature grounds’,

Kelly Geraldine Malone, CBC News, Aug. 17, 2022


See also:

Two-Tiered Law Enforcement’ (Politicized Policing) {Jan.20, 2021}:

“The politicization of policing is a poison that can undermine both democracy and legal systems. This is enabled in Canada by the unequal legal rights afforded different groups in our Constitution. The Constitution is why Aboriginals can block railways while anyone else would be arrested…”


Endless Days of Lawlessness’ (Caledonia) {Jan.7,2021}:

“It’s now been another 173 days of lawlessness in Caledonia, Ont., with the Ontario Provincial Police once again refusing to enforce the law where Aboriginals are concerned. Just like 15 years ago, the police are refusing to enforce a court injunction, leaving the people of Caledonia without the police protection that they are entitled to. The fact that police are acting in a lawless fashion should scare Canadians more than the Mohawk terrorists…”


Police Allowing Illegal Interference’ (Enbridge Line 3) {October 29, 2018}:

“Self-styled ‘water and land protectors’, now calling themselves the ‘Great Plains Resistance’, have once again interfered with pipeline construction outside Morden, Manitoba. And once again, the RCMP showed up and ‘talked to them’. No clearing them off the site, much less any arrests for one of several possible charges. Nope, they simply ‘talked to them’ while workers were forced to abandon the site. We shouldn’t have to remind police that the public expects them to enforce the law, not act as social workers. Companies and workers should not be denied law enforcement simply because the perpetrators are aboriginal, or because police don’t consider the infractions serious enough. Let a court make that judgement…”


Manitoba: Another Illegal Blockade’ (Treaty 5) {September 4, 2016}:

“In the past, when tribes have illegally blockaded Manitoba roadways and Manitoba Hydro, the Province has not only NOT arrested the criminals, but has given in to the extortion. The result – of course – is yet another blockade…”



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