‘Defiance Works For Aboriginals’

An Aboriginal community openly defied Covid regulations and the Alberta government’s response was a full retreat. As Orwell famously said, “Some animals are more equal than others”... “The ‘nation’s right to self-govern has allowed the chief and council to provide the drive-in with permission to resume activities. The Tsuut’ina National council says they have the … Continue reading ‘Defiance Works For Aboriginals’

‘Where’s Champlain’s Statue?’

The one-sided rewriting of Canadian history... “The re-installation of the Samuel de Champlain statue as part of Orillia, Ont.’s Couchiching Beach Park monument has been postponed, ‘Parks Canada’ announced... The re-installation’s deferment will allow for progress of the implementation of the recommendations that were put forward by the monument’s working group, which formed in 2018... … Continue reading ‘Where’s Champlain’s Statue?’

‘A Piece Of The Action’

Aboriginals suing the Canadian people for educating them, (Instigated by Aboriginal Industry law firms). P.S. It should be pointed out that this is not about Residential schools. These children went home after school every day, just like most Canadian children: “To assist Class Members with Claim Forms, Gowling WLG is providing Claim Assistance Workshops by … Continue reading ‘A Piece Of The Action’

‘Another Aboriginal Treaty Violation’

Situations like this result from a series of irresponsible and economically-illiterate rulings by the Supreme Court of Canada...  “A northern Saskatchewan ‘First Nation’ {Aboriginal community} blockaded a road and issued a cease-and-desist order against a Toronto uranium company. Birch Narrows Dene ‘Nation’ {a ‘nation’ of 856 people} officials say they took action after workers with … Continue reading ‘Another Aboriginal Treaty Violation’

‘Living In A Court-Induced Fantasyland’

“‘Métis ‘Nation’ British Columbia’ sent a letter demanding the next government start recognizing Métis as a ‘distinct people’ and enter into government-to-government talks.” The Supreme Court foolishness of giving so-called ‘Aboriginal rights’ to those who claim to be ‘Metis’ has only begun to negatively affect Canada. The Metis ‘Nation’ was historically situated in Manitoba, Saskatchewan … Continue reading ‘Living In A Court-Induced Fantasyland’

‘Whose Land Is It, Anyway?’

‘Canadian Voices’ “Let's get a few things straight about being Canadian. “The land does not belong to just one group of people - ‘First Nations’. It belongs to all of us who choose to call Canada home. So stop telling hardworking fellow Canadians that they are thieves because of an unsavoury history with Colonialism.  “The … Continue reading ‘Whose Land Is It, Anyway?’

‘Two-Tiered Law Enforcement’

The politicization of policing is a poison that can undermine both democracy and legal systems. This is enabled in Canada by the unequal legal rights afforded different groups in our Constitution. The Constitution is why Aboriginals can block railways while anyone else would be arrested... “For weeks, Canada’s economy was at risk of being held … Continue reading ‘Two-Tiered Law Enforcement’

‘Metis ‘Non-Binary’ ‘Citizens’

This Metis organization insists on calling its members “citizens” -- and they’re NOT referring to Canada – so we’re tempted to refer to them as “traitors”. Enough of people taking Canada for granted while they milk the taxpayers so they can act out their divisive fantasies. It’s time to be a Canadian...PERIOD.  “Manitoba Métis ‘citizens’ … Continue reading ‘Metis ‘Non-Binary’ ‘Citizens’

‘Under the Charter’

“The B.C. Civil Liberties Association has written an unprecedented letter, https://yellowheadinstitute.org/wp-content/uploads/2020/09/bccla.pdf arguing that the Charter of Rights and Freedoms applies to ‘First Nations’ {Aboriginal} people and those on reserve — something that was unclear before now. “This comes after a year of Kwantlen ‘First Nation’ {a ‘nation’ of 315 people} members fighting for their Charter … Continue reading ‘Under the Charter’