‘Defiance Works For Aboriginals’

An Aboriginal community openly defied Covid regulations and the Alberta government’s response was a full retreat. As Orwell famously said, “Some animals are more equal than others”... “The ‘nation’s right to self-govern has allowed the chief and council to provide the drive-in with permission to resume activities. The Tsuut’ina National council says they have the … Continue reading ‘Defiance Works For Aboriginals’

‘Racism As A Guiding Principle’

Another government agency adopts racism as a guiding principle while pretending to be ‘fighting racism’. This will probably guarantee the end of large energy projects in Canada as Canada continues to commit economic suicide: “Canada's top pipeline regulator is signalling it wants to confront the problem of {so-called} 'systemic racism' and its sometimes fraught relationship … Continue reading ‘Racism As A Guiding Principle’

‘Two-Tiered Law Enforcement’

The politicization of policing is a poison that can undermine both democracy and legal systems. This is enabled in Canada by the unequal legal rights afforded different groups in our Constitution. The Constitution is why Aboriginals can block railways while anyone else would be arrested... “For weeks, Canada’s economy was at risk of being held … Continue reading ‘Two-Tiered Law Enforcement’

‘More Systemic Racism’

Once again, this example of REAL systemic racism is enabled by Section 15(2) of the Charter of so-called ‘Rights’ and ‘Freedoms’:  “The Trudeau government has announced that it will be investing $40 million into “home ownership opportunities” exclusively for ‘Black’ people. {How ‘Black’ do they have to be to qualify?} “In a recent press release … Continue reading ‘More Systemic Racism’

‘More Quebec Gov’t Language Bigotry’

"English-speaking Quebecers are upset about informational COVID-19 flyers the provincial government distributed last week because they aren’t bilingual. "We received it in the mail, and my immediate response was ‘where is the English version’?" said Catherine Foster, a Quebec resident.  “Kathleen Weil, the ‘Liberal’ {Party} MNA for Notre-Dame-de-Grâce, stepped in when she heard the news. … Continue reading ‘More Quebec Gov’t Language Bigotry’

‘Metis ‘Non-Binary’ ‘Citizens’

This Metis organization insists on calling its members “citizens” -- and they’re NOT referring to Canada – so we’re tempted to refer to them as “traitors”. Enough of people taking Canada for granted while they milk the taxpayers so they can act out their divisive fantasies. It’s time to be a Canadian...PERIOD.  “Manitoba Métis ‘citizens’ … Continue reading ‘Metis ‘Non-Binary’ ‘Citizens’

‘Fake ‘Conservatives’ Support Language Bigotry’

Right wing of the 'Liberal' Party betrays English-speaking Canadians yet again:  "'Conservative' {Party} Leader Erin O’Toole has joined the Bloc Québécois and the New ‘Democratic’ Party in supporting Bill 101 rules for the {forced} use of the French language for federally chartered businesses and activities operating in Quebec... O’Toole...spoke only in French during the debate... … Continue reading ‘Fake ‘Conservatives’ Support Language Bigotry’

‘What Is B.C. Doing?’

Gambling income that is supposed to be for the benefit of all citizens is being directed specifically to Aboriginals; this, despite the fact that when British Columbia joined Confederation, it demanded – and got – recognition that, beyond supplying reserve land for which it would be reimbursed, British Columbia had NO responsibility for Aboriginals, financial … Continue reading ‘What Is B.C. Doing?’

‘Racist Selection Criteria’

More 'do-gooder' racism, enabled by the Trojan Horse in the Charter - Section 15(2)... “On applications for fall 2021, students who identify as ‘Black’ {How ‘Black’ do they have to be?} or ‘Indigenous’ {sic, they mean ‘Aboriginal’} and meet admission criteria, will bypass the regular selection lottery to enrol in the specialty program of their … Continue reading ‘Racist Selection Criteria’