‘Defying Canada’

Here’s a Caledonia Mohawk once again challenging Canadian sovereignty, pretending they are somehow an independent nation within the borders of Canada that can ignore Canadian law and policing. His arrogance comes from the fact that the Canadian government irresponsibly does NOTHING to assert Canadian sovereignty where Mohawks are concerned – not in Ontario or Quebec...  … Continue reading ‘Defying Canada’

‘Avoiding The Real Issue’

All of this wasted money, time and resources...all of it avoiding confronting the REAL reason for the so-called ‘overrepresentation’ of aboriginals in court and in jail – the tolerance for, and refusal to confront, the violence and crime in too many aboriginal communities, and the ‘blame-the-white-man’ mindset that rationalizes and excuses this behaviour, a mindset … Continue reading ‘Avoiding The Real Issue’