‘A Piece Of The Action’

Aboriginals suing the Canadian people for educating them, (Instigated by Aboriginal Industry law firms). P.S. It should be pointed out that this is not about Residential schools. These children went home after school every day, just like most Canadian children: “To assist Class Members with Claim Forms, Gowling WLG is providing Claim Assistance Workshops by … Continue reading ‘A Piece Of The Action’

‘Another Aboriginal Treaty Violation’

Situations like this result from a series of irresponsible and economically-illiterate rulings by the Supreme Court of Canada...  “A northern Saskatchewan ‘First Nation’ {Aboriginal community} blockaded a road and issued a cease-and-desist order against a Toronto uranium company. Birch Narrows Dene ‘Nation’ {a ‘nation’ of 856 people} officials say they took action after workers with … Continue reading ‘Another Aboriginal Treaty Violation’

‘Whose Land Is It, Anyway?’

‘Canadian Voices’ “Let's get a few things straight about being Canadian. “The land does not belong to just one group of people - ‘First Nations’. It belongs to all of us who choose to call Canada home. So stop telling hardworking fellow Canadians that they are thieves because of an unsavoury history with Colonialism.  “The … Continue reading ‘Whose Land Is It, Anyway?’

‘Defying Canada’

Here’s a Caledonia Mohawk once again challenging Canadian sovereignty, pretending they are somehow an independent nation within the borders of Canada that can ignore Canadian law and policing. His arrogance comes from the fact that the Canadian government irresponsibly does NOTHING to assert Canadian sovereignty where Mohawks are concerned – not in Ontario or Quebec...  … Continue reading ‘Defying Canada’

‘False Apologies and Unnecessary Payouts’

Less than one year ago, Prime Minister Justin (Junior) Trudeau made one of his patented ‘apologies’ -- this one, to the Inuit, for Canada having sent them south to hospitals for tuberculosis treatment decades ago {See below}. As one T.B. survivor put it, “If you did not go south for treatment of TB, you died”. … Continue reading ‘False Apologies and Unnecessary Payouts’