‘Apology Demanded For Ending FLQ Terror’

Perhaps a ‘Thank you’ from the Quebec government for the Canadian government’s ending of a reign of terror in Quebec is more in order...  “By 1970, six people had been killed, and dozens more were injured...” “Yesterday, the Bloc Québécois served notice...of a motion to have the House formally “demand” an official apology from Prime … Continue reading ‘Apology Demanded For Ending FLQ Terror’

‘False Apologies and Unnecessary Payouts’

Less than one year ago, Prime Minister Justin (Junior) Trudeau made one of his patented ‘apologies’ -- this one, to the Inuit, for Canada having sent them south to hospitals for tuberculosis treatment decades ago {See below}. As one T.B. survivor put it, “If you did not go south for treatment of TB, you died”. … Continue reading ‘False Apologies and Unnecessary Payouts’