‘What Is B.C. Doing?’

Gambling income that is supposed to be for the benefit of all citizens is being directed specifically to Aboriginals; this, despite the fact that when British Columbia joined Confederation, it demanded – and got – recognition that, beyond supplying reserve land for which it would be reimbursed, British Columbia had NO responsibility for Aboriginals, financial … Continue reading ‘What Is B.C. Doing?’

‘Balkanizing British Columbia’

British Columbia politicians are thoughtlessly embedding Race law, two-tiered ‘rights’, and United Nations influence in all aspects of B.C. legislation:  “B.C. Premier John Horgan spoke to the Assembly of ‘First Nations’ {Aboriginal Bands} in Ottawa Tuesday, the first time a sitting premier has ever done so. A‘FN’ National Chief Perry Bellegarde introduced Horgan, saying the … Continue reading ‘Balkanizing British Columbia’