‘Gladue Comes to Nunavut’

The whole concept of ‘Gladue’ reports is racist and, if we had a proper Constitution, would be unconstitutional, as they constitute structural legal discrimination...  “Nunavut's chief justice is considering whether or not to order a formal ‘Gladue’ report for the first time in the territory. ‘Gladue’ reports are documents created to inform a sentencing judge … Continue reading ‘Gladue Comes to Nunavut’

‘Standardizing Systemic Court Discrimination’

Training more taxpayer-funded Aboriginal Industry employees to implement systemic court discrimination, while claiming to be ending legal discrimination: “Vancouver Community College announced this week its pilot program for training ‘Gladue report’ writers will be expanding into a year-long, part-time certificate program starting in October. ‘Gladue reports’ are personal histories submitted to courts on behalf of … Continue reading ‘Standardizing Systemic Court Discrimination’

‘Hypocrisy At Its Finest’

"For someone to start questioning my own faith and accusing me of being a bad Catholic, is something that I really take issue with. My own personal faith is an extremely important part of who I am and the values that I try to lead with." --Justin Trudeau “In the name of “inclusion” and “tolerance”, … Continue reading ‘Hypocrisy At Its Finest’

‘More Overt Government Discrimination…’

From the Canadian government’s ‘Governor in Council Appointments’: “Current Opportunity: President, Canadian Broadcasting Corporation... “We know that our country is stronger — and our government more effective — when decision-makers reflect Canada's diversity... “The Government of Canada will consider bilingual proficiency and diversity in assessing candidates for this position. You are therefore encouraged to include … Continue reading ‘More Overt Government Discrimination…’

‘Ontario Expands Canada’s Linguistic Hypocrisy’

More divisive ‘group identity’ politics from the Ontario government. Having bilingual provincial services in other provinces while Quebec is unilingual is simply hypocrisy and discrimination: “The creation of a stand-alone ministry of Francophone affairs drew mixed reactions from political pundits and opposition parties on Monday, after Premier Kathleen Wynne released details of a mini-shuffle in … Continue reading ‘Ontario Expands Canada’s Linguistic Hypocrisy’

‘No Votes for Old Folks?’

This article is deeply disturbing – indeed, offensive – in its attempt to portray a loony, fringe, overtly-discriminatory concept as something worthy of serious discussion. The academic reference provided is the ludicrously-titled “The Disfranchisement of the Elderly, and Other Attempts to Secure Intergenerational Justice”. Excerpt: “Decisions made by older generations will affect the interests of … Continue reading ‘No Votes for Old Folks?’