“A tweet was issued against MP Pierre Poilievre from the Carleton Federal ‘Liberal’ {Party} Association. It attacked the MP for wearing a hoodie with a logo that was allegedly associated with "climate change denial" and "white supremacy".  “The tweet reads:    "Does he deny climate change? And what’s with the clenched white fist, a white … Continue reading ‘Ooops…’

‘I Can Speak For Myself’

“To hear it from oil sands critics, politicians and activists, ‘Indigenous’ {sic, ‘Aboriginal’} people in the oil sands are a contradiction. Surely, they cannot exist. Or if they do, they are surely victims of a predatory resource industry, or are colonized sellouts.  “So I thought I’d share my own story.  “I’m an Ojibwe woman. Life … Continue reading ‘I Can Speak For Myself’