‘Gladue Comes to Nunavut’

The whole concept of ‘Gladue’ reports is racist and, if we had a proper Constitution, would be unconstitutional, as they constitute structural legal discrimination...  “Nunavut's chief justice is considering whether or not to order a formal ‘Gladue’ report for the first time in the territory. ‘Gladue’ reports are documents created to inform a sentencing judge … Continue reading ‘Gladue Comes to Nunavut’

‘Standardizing Systemic Court Discrimination’

Training more taxpayer-funded Aboriginal Industry employees to implement systemic court discrimination, while claiming to be ending legal discrimination: “Vancouver Community College announced this week its pilot program for training ‘Gladue report’ writers will be expanding into a year-long, part-time certificate program starting in October. ‘Gladue reports’ are personal histories submitted to courts on behalf of … Continue reading ‘Standardizing Systemic Court Discrimination’