‘More Quebec Gov’t Language Bigotry’

"English-speaking Quebecers are upset about informational COVID-19 flyers the provincial government distributed last week because they aren’t bilingual. "We received it in the mail, and my immediate response was ‘where is the English version’?" said Catherine Foster, a Quebec resident.  “Kathleen Weil, the ‘Liberal’ {Party} MNA for Notre-Dame-de-Grâce, stepped in when she heard the news. … Continue reading ‘More Quebec Gov’t Language Bigotry’

‘Fake ‘Conservatives’ Support Language Bigotry’

Right wing of the 'Liberal' Party betrays English-speaking Canadians yet again:  "'Conservative' {Party} Leader Erin O’Toole has joined the Bloc Québécois and the New ‘Democratic’ Party in supporting Bill 101 rules for the {forced} use of the French language for federally chartered businesses and activities operating in Quebec... O’Toole...spoke only in French during the debate... … Continue reading ‘Fake ‘Conservatives’ Support Language Bigotry’

‘Suppressing English Is UnCanadian’

The Quebec government is ‘legally’ extending the repression of the English language, once again demonstrating the divisive weaknesses in our Constitution...  “The change would see French become the mandatory language for all businesses in Quebec with more than 50 employees.” “Canada's Commissioner of Official Languages expressed reservations about the desire of the Quebec government to … Continue reading ‘Suppressing English Is UnCanadian’

‘Feds Pushing French’

Another example of blatantly-hypocritical and discriminatory policies that enable the expansion of Francophone communities outside Quebec while ignoring the repression of English-speaking communities inside Quebec – all of it enabled by a flawed and discriminatory Canadian Constitution. This is simply Francophone advocacy and does more to divide, rather than unite, Canadians... P.S. Why don’t provincial … Continue reading ‘Feds Pushing French’

‘More Language Idiocy’

‘Only in Canada’ “A report from the Official Languages Commissioner claims federal employees are writing too many emails in English, according to ‘Blacklock’s Reporter’.  “However, on July 3, the federal court ruled English-speaking employees cannot be compelled to use French. Justice Peter Annis wrote in the ruling: “The reality in many so-called bilingual environments is … Continue reading ‘More Language Idiocy’