‘Battle of the Brats’

Canada’s two most privileged groups -- both with special Constitutional ‘rights’ -- are going head-to-head. If all Canadians had equal legal rights, divisive nonsense like this would not be happening:  “The Quebec government's decision to launch a constitutional challenge of a new federal law governing ‘Indigenous’ {sic, the CBC means ‘aboriginal’} child welfare has prompted … Continue reading ‘Battle of the Brats’

‘Nation-to-nation Nonsense’

The Treaties give Canada clear title to the majority of Canada and as for the rest, the conquering of it has clearly left Canada in control. It's only a fraudulent legal game created by lawyer/judges for the benefit of legal corporations that allows the denial of reality to continue... "Hey! Fellow Canadian! Did you know … Continue reading ‘Nation-to-nation Nonsense’

‘RCAP and the Fragmentation of Canada’

"...Even though only a few of the 'Royal Commission on Aboriginal Peoples' (released in 1996) proposals have been implemented, the report itself stands as a monument to the new orthodoxy, and the people who share those beliefs are actively pushing the federal government to move in that direction. Unless there is serious public debate, sooner … Continue reading ‘RCAP and the Fragmentation of Canada’