‘Metis ‘Non-Binary’ ‘Citizens’

This Metis organization insists on calling its members “citizens” -- and they’re NOT referring to Canada – so we’re tempted to refer to them as “traitors”. Enough of people taking Canada for granted while they milk the taxpayers so they can act out their divisive fantasies. It’s time to be a Canadian...PERIOD.  “Manitoba Métis ‘citizens’ … Continue reading ‘Metis ‘Non-Binary’ ‘Citizens’

‘Fighting Over Unearned Spoils’

The Supreme Court of Canada’s folly in defining ‘Metis’ {mixed Race} as ‘Aboriginal’ will have negative repercussions for years to come. Now, these so-called Metis ‘nations’ are fighting over the taxpayer-provided spoils -- and it's exposing racist attitudes...  “A Metis ‘Nation’-Saskatchewan (M‘N’-S) leader is apologizing for what he calls “a poor choice of words” {!!!} … Continue reading ‘Fighting Over Unearned Spoils’