‘More Discriminatory Law Enforcement’

Another example of Race Based, two-tiered law enforcement:  “It has now been more than a week since eviction notices were handed out at an encampment on the Manitoba Legislative grounds, but despite those warnings, some at that encampment say that so far they have no plans to pack up and leave. “On Thursday morning, the … Continue reading ‘More Discriminatory Law Enforcement’

‘More Systemic Racism’

Once again, this example of REAL systemic racism is enabled by Section 15(2) of the Charter of so-called ‘Rights’ and ‘Freedoms’:  “The Trudeau government has announced that it will be investing $40 million into “home ownership opportunities” exclusively for ‘Black’ people. {How ‘Black’ do they have to be to qualify?} “In a recent press release … Continue reading ‘More Systemic Racism’

‘What Is B.C. Doing?’

Gambling income that is supposed to be for the benefit of all citizens is being directed specifically to Aboriginals; this, despite the fact that when British Columbia joined Confederation, it demanded – and got – recognition that, beyond supplying reserve land for which it would be reimbursed, British Columbia had NO responsibility for Aboriginals, financial … Continue reading ‘What Is B.C. Doing?’

‘Racist Selection Criteria’

More 'do-gooder' racism, enabled by the Trojan Horse in the Charter - Section 15(2)... “On applications for fall 2021, students who identify as ‘Black’ {How ‘Black’ do they have to be?} or ‘Indigenous’ {sic, they mean ‘Aboriginal’} and meet admission criteria, will bypass the regular selection lottery to enrol in the specialty program of their … Continue reading ‘Racist Selection Criteria’

‘Quotas Rather Than Merit?’

When a country starts dividing people into categories, and instituting quotas rather than merit for government appointments, it can definitely be said that they are guilty of ‘systemic discrimination’. It is both offensive and unjust and, in the case of judges, brings the judicial system into question...  “The number of ‘racialized’ appointees {‘Racialized’ is the … Continue reading ‘Quotas Rather Than Merit?’