‘Quebecers Opposed To Special Rights for Aboriginals’

There should be no ‘special rights’ for any group of Canadians...but Quebecers agreeing with this is somewhat ironic. It would seem that what's 'good for the goose' isn't 'good for the gander'... “Quebecers think it’s important for ‘Indigenous’ people and non-‘Indigenous’ people to have the same rights. They are opposed to special or additional rights … Continue reading ‘Quebecers Opposed To Special Rights for Aboriginals’

‘What Is B.C. Doing?’

Gambling income that is supposed to be for the benefit of all citizens is being directed specifically to Aboriginals; this, despite the fact that when British Columbia joined Confederation, it demanded – and got – recognition that, beyond supplying reserve land for which it would be reimbursed, British Columbia had NO responsibility for Aboriginals, financial … Continue reading ‘What Is B.C. Doing?’

‘Balkanizing British Columbia’

British Columbia politicians are thoughtlessly embedding Race law, two-tiered ‘rights’, and United Nations influence in all aspects of B.C. legislation:  “B.C. Premier John Horgan spoke to the Assembly of ‘First Nations’ {Aboriginal Bands} in Ottawa Tuesday, the first time a sitting premier has ever done so. A‘FN’ National Chief Perry Bellegarde introduced Horgan, saying the … Continue reading ‘Balkanizing British Columbia’

‘Still Working To Weaken Canada’

“After the closing Thursday of the Assembly of ‘First Nations’ {'Indian Bands'} annual December meeting In Ottawa, Jody Wilson-Raybould, a former federal justice minister and A‘FN’ regional chief, was honoured by ‘First Nations’ leaders during a ceremony that saw her called a hero, a trailbreaker and an icon.  “Wilson-Raybould, who was kicked out of the … Continue reading ‘Still Working To Weaken Canada’