‘Battle of the Brats’

Canada’s two most privileged groups -- both with special Constitutional ‘rights’ -- are going head-to-head. If all Canadians had equal legal rights, divisive nonsense like this would not be happening:  “The Quebec government's decision to launch a constitutional challenge of a new federal law governing ‘Indigenous’ {sic, the CBC means ‘aboriginal’} child welfare has prompted … Continue reading ‘Battle of the Brats’

‘Using Children for Political Purposes -2’

What kind of self-confident nation or culture would allow itself to be lectured to by children? And what kind of adults would use children for political purposes? First Greta, and now this? “‘Indigenous’ {they mean ‘aboriginal’} ‘water activist’ Autumn Peltier addressed hundreds of international guests at UN headquarters in Manhattan Saturday. "The 15-year-old ‘activist’ from … Continue reading ‘Using Children for Political Purposes -2’

‘Using Children for Political Purposes’

Issues like these would best be served by the conversion of reserves into municipalities and the application of provincial standards, as is the case for all other Canadians. As long as there is Constitutional Segregation, it will be ‘Us’ and ‘Them’. Where are the Canadians – including aboriginals – who will do the right thing? … Continue reading ‘Using Children for Political Purposes’