‘AntiFa Violence in Quebec City’

We think the RCMP should be upholding the law, not carrying the suitcases of illegal immigrants.”

A legal demonstration demanding that Canadian governments do their duty in rejecting illegal immigration and fake refugees was delayed for 4 hours by violent, anti-free speech, illegal demonstrators. Police wouldn’t allow the legal demo to begin until they had dispersed and/or arrested the violent Left-wing counter-protesters. ALL of the day’s violence was from the so-called ‘anti-fascists’:

As to the legal demonstration:
“According to Mr. Sylvain Brouillette, approximately 600 people associated with ‘La Meute’ participated in the demonstration.

The troops are very motivated,” he said.We are here for governments to put on their pants and apply the laws in force” …

La Meute march, Quebec City, 08 20 2017 (Daniel Mallard—QMI)

‘Illegal counter-demonstration’
“At 2:15 pm, the ‘pro-immigration’ counter-demonstration was declared illegal {they had no permit and were violent} by the Quebec City Police Department, which ordered the demonstrators to leave the premises.

Illegal Communist demo, Quebec City, 08 20 2017 (Daniel Mallard—QMI)

“Activist {anti-Canadian} Jaggi Singh, who led the group, was arrested under the noisy protests of his peers.

Jaggi Singh arrested, Quebec City, 08 20 2017 (Daniel Mallard—QMI)

“Shortly before 4 pm, the SPVQ had declared illegal another gathering of 200 to 300 people who were still waiting for…‘La Meute’, claiming that acts of vandalism had been committed…

AntiFa at work, Quebec City, 08 20 2017 (Daniel Mallard—QMI)

“Several acts of violence were committed by ‘anti-fascist’ {anti-free speech ‘communist’} groups that split up on Parliament Hill.

“A man apparently sympathetic to ‘La Meute’ suffered severe injuries and bleeding profusely from his head after being pushed against a lamppost at the corner of rue Saint-Louis and avenue Honoré-Mercier.

A medic tends to a man injured by AntiFa. The man had been carrying a Patriote flag, a symbol of Quebec nationalism. (Maxime Corneau–Radio-Canada)

“Projectiles and firecrackers were thrown at the police by a small group of counter-demonstrators who had become uncontrollable. Some firecrackers reportedly touched tourists and members of the media, who were in the middle of the crowd.

Demonstrator lights a flare before throwing it during a communist demonstration, Quebec City, 08 20 2017 (Jacques Boissinot–Canadian Press)

“On Grande-Allée, a small group of counter-demonstrators set fire to a trash bin before rolling it at police.

AntiFa at work, 08 20 2017 (Daniel Mallard—QMI)

“In the evening, the media reported that

a group of hostile and masked demonstrators committed acts of violence, vandalism and several criminal offenses [during the counter-demonstration declared illegal]“.

For the time being, we are counting one arrest and three policemen injured by a chemical irritant thrown by the demonstrators.”

We have images, videos and intelligence about who has been actively involved in this illegal demonstration,” the police added.An investigation is underway and arrests are expected.” …

“Among the counter-demonstrators were activists from ‘Quebec Solidaire’, ‘Option nationale’ and ‘Amnestie internationale’. The member for Louis-Hébert, Joël Lightbound, was also present

for inclusion, reception and tolerance. We want to send a positive message, to say that we have a tradition of welcome. Unless we are ‘indigenous’, we are all immigrants“, he said. {So-called ‘indigenous’ (‘descendants of Siberian settlers’) are immigrants, too…}

Communist thugs, Quebec City, 08 20 2017 (Guy Martel—QMI)

“A group of citizens dressed in black and wearing headscarves — some of which later served as masks — were also present to make themselves heard, though they did not want to identify themselves…”

– ‘La Meute manifeste après des heures de confinement’,
QMI Agency, August 20, 2017

{Includes video}

La Meute march, Quebec City, 08 20 2017 (Daniel Mallard—QMI)

“They spent more than four hours penned in a sweltering Quebec City parking garage as counter-demonstrators clashed with police two storeys above, but when they…finally emerged Sunday afternoon, they declared victory over critics who had dismissed them as extremists.

“An ashen-faced ‘anti-racism’ {‘communist’} activist looked on in disbelief while members of ‘La Meute’ marched silently in front of the National Assembly — the capital’s streets calm again under heavy police presence…

“The {Leftist} ‘counter-demonstration’ began peacefully, but was declared illegal by police when black-clad protestors jostled with authorities and threw projectiles at ‘La Meute’ members…

Communists trying to disrupt La Meute demo, Quebec City, 08 20 2017 (Guy Martel–QMI)

“‘La Meute’s leaders, on the other hand, were triumphant, claiming the group showed discipline when faced with provocation…

“‘La Meute’ — or ‘Wolf Pack’ — has until recently existed mostly online, where thousands exchange messages on a secret ‘Facebook’ group.

{Clan 03 de La Meute (Capitale-Nationale):
https://www.facebook.com/groups/1545739959067885/ }

“Increasingly, though, the group — which believes Quebec culture and society are currently threatened by radical Islam — has been making its presence known at real-world protests.

“It organized Sunday’s demonstration in response to the sudden spike in asylum seekers crossing the Quebec border illegally from the U.S.

“Decrying…illegal immigration, ‘La Meute’s leaders advocate tighter border controls and a staunch defence of Quebec identity.

We think the RCMP should be upholding the law, not carrying the suitcases of illegal immigrants,”

Sylvain Brouillette, the group’s chief spokesperson, said earlier on Sunday.

“The group was meant to meet in an underground parking garage behind the National Assembly at 1 p.m. ET before embarking on their march. But as members arrived, counter-demonstrators — some affiliated with the so-called ‘Antifa’, or anti-fascist, movement — moved to block entrances.

Leftist violence, Quebec City, 08 20 2017 (Guy Martel—QMI)

“One woman wearing a ‘La Meute’ tank top was doused with water and called a “Nazi” by masked counter-demonstrators as she tried to enter.

“Around 200 ‘La Meute’ supporters, including elderly people and young children, had assembled underground when the counter-demonstration turned violent.

AntiFa at work, 08 20 2017 (Daniel Mallard—QMI)

“Quebec City police told the group’s leaders they could not guarantee their safety, and counseled staying inside until order was restored.

Police quell Leftist anti-free speech riot, Quebec City, 08 20 2017 (Guy Martel—QMI)

“In the noxious heat of the parking lot, several ‘La Meute’ supporters required medical attention. Authorities eventually provided water bottles and let them access washrooms in the convention centre above…

“Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, in Montreal for the ‘Pride Parade’ on Sunday, also condemned the Quebec City demonstration, organized by what he {ignorantly} described as a

small minority of racists.”

We all know that Canadians and Quebecers are not represented by that minority,” he said.We’re open, respectful and compassionate people.”

–‘Far-right group claims victory after emerging from Quebec City parking garage’,
Jonathan Montpetit, CBC News, Aug. 20, 2017


Patrick Beaudry, right, and Eric Corvus, centre, co-founded La Meute last year. Sylvain Maikan, left, is the group’s media liaison. (Jonathan Montpetit–CBC)

“If you drive up Quebec’s ‘Route 354’ — past Saint-Casimir, Saint-Alban and Sainte-Christine-d’Auvergne — you’ll roll into Saint-Raymond, a town built by 175 years of forestry, and now a gateway for the region’s snowmobile trails.

“There is a restaurant not far from Saint-Raymond’s single-spire church. On a snowy Saturday night in late November, about 30 people burst through its doors, ordered beers and swapped fears about radical Islam.

“It was a mixed crowd: a couple of former soldiers, a real estate agent, a biologist, a mother of three who blogs about accounting.

“Many wore black shirts emblazoned with a wolf paw — the badge of a group that has rapidly become the most visible expression of Quebec’s ‘far Right’.

‘La Meute’ — or ‘Wolf Pack’ — has attracted more than 43,000 people to a secret ‘Facebook’ group in little over a year.

“There, they exchange calls to boycott halal products, circulate petitions against government policies that foster multiculturalism, and post stories from little-known publications about the influence of the Muslim Brotherhood in Quebec.

“‘La Meute’s leaders are now attempting to translate the group’s online popularity into concrete political influence.

“They hope to become a lobby group of sorts, dedicated to making Quebecers aware of the threat posed by Islamic fundamentalism.

I don’t have the desire to live under Shariah. I don’t want to live under a totalitarian Islamic regime,”

said Eric Venne, one of the group’s founders, a veteran of the war in Afghanistan who goes by Corvus, after the genus of crows, ravens and rooks.

But we are heading that way. It may not look like it in 2016. Tomorrow, people might go, ‘Oh.’ But by then it will be too late.”

“Corvus started ‘La Meute’ with Patrick Beaudry, another former soldier, in the fall of 2015, just as the first of 25,000 Syrian refugees began arriving in Canada.

“At a sugar shack in the Beauce, south of Quebec City, the pair drew up plans for a hierarchical organization modelled on their military background.

“They gave it a name to invoke the sense of camaraderie they felt was needed in the face of what they considered a grave existential threat. In an early communiqué, Corvus described the influx of refugees as a “Trojan horse” for Islamic terrorists.

“‘La Meute’ is among dozens of social media groups, blogs and websites that have popped up in recent years to give voice to concerns about Islam in Quebec.

“But where other groups sputtered, ‘La Meute’ surged.

“The group’s activities were initially confined to its secret Facebook page. But as the group grew — it had more than 40,000 members by the start of the summer — it diversified.

“A non-profit organization was registered to serve as ‘La Meute’s fundraising arm, and fundraisers that each drew 150 people were held in Quebec City and the Saguenay.

“By August, the group was distributing pamphlets around the province. Later that month, Corvus and several fellow members disrupted an information session near Quebec City organized by a group of volunteers trying to host a family of Syrian refugees.

“Corvus grabbed the microphone and shouted,

Think about your choices, and above all, the security of the nation.”

“‘La Meute’s growth has been so rapid that it has attracted the attention of ‘far-Right’ figures in France and Belgium, who have since borrowed its name and organizational structure…

“Concerns about immigration and the survival of Quebec culture are central to the platforms of the province’s largest opposition parties, the Parti Québécois and the Coalition Avenir Québec.

“But ‘La Meute’ doesn’t align itself with either, believing the whole political system to be corrupted by elites.

“Its leaders identify more closely with the French ‘far-Right’ leader Marine Le Pen, who was shunned by mainstream politicians during a visit to Quebec earlier this year…

“Like Le Pen, La Meute claims to defend those minority groups — such as women and homosexuals — who may also feel threatened by Islamic fundamentalists.

“Corvus even attended a vigil in Montreal’s ‘Gay Village’ following the June shooting at the ‘Pulse’ nightclub in Orlando…

“Researchers familiar with the group say it is, indeed, at the moderate end of Quebec’s ‘far-Right’ spectrum.

“‘La Meute’s leaders tightly monitor its ‘Facebook’ page, deleting any hint of violence or overt racism…

“La Meute members refer to themselves as wolves, and many describe a sense of liberation that comes with realizing others share their concerns.

“But at the same time, their opinions may not be so far removed from the Quebec mainstream.

“One of the most popular radio hosts in the province, Éric Duhaime, told a colleague on air in March that he understood ‘La Meute’s popularity at a time when the Canadian government was giving (refurbished) laptops to Syrian refugees.

Why is it that all the Syrian refugees get laptops, when many of the people listening to us can’t afford one?Duhaime asked.People in Quebec are tired of feeling there is a double standard.”

–‘Inside Quebec’s far right: Take a tour of La Meute, the secretive group with 43,000 members’,
Jonathan Montpetit, CBC News, Dec. 04, 2016

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