‘Avoiding The Real Issue’

All of this wasted money, time and resources…all of it avoiding confronting the REAL reason for the so-called ‘overrepresentation’ of aboriginals in court and in jail – the tolerance for, and refusal to confront, the violence and crime in too many aboriginal communities, and the ‘blame-the-white-man’ mindset that rationalizes and excuses this behaviour, a mindset also unfortunately shared by our Canadian political, social and legal elites:

“A proposed new justice centre in Kenora has taken a step forward, with the Ontario government announcing the creation of an advisory council that will guide the facility’s development. {More money for the legal industry – which already benefits more from Segregation and Race law than any other social group – will accomplish nothing but higher tax rates…}

“The goal of the Kenora Justice Centre is to “address the overrepresentation of ‘indigenous’ {they mean ‘aboriginal’} people in the local criminal justice system“, Ontario’s Ministry of the Attorney General said in a media release. The centre will provide ‘restorative justice’ {soft} options — they will run alongside criminal justice proceedings, the government said — and ‘culturally-appropriate’ services aimed at allowing ‘indigenous’ {aboriginal} people in northern Ontario to remain in their home communities…
{Remaining “in their home communities”, where their victims — often female – reside. This is supposed to make reserves safer???}

“The Kenora Justice Centre is one of four ‘justice centres’ Ontario is working to build, with two of those planned for Toronto, and the third for London.”

–‘Proposed Kenora Justice Centre moves forward’,
CBC News, Sept. 27, 2019

See also:
Doing The Crime, But Not The Time‘ (Widdowson):
“Linking jail to recidivism is a weak argument, considering that the native population is already being treated more leniently than non-aboriginals who commit violent offences. Contrary to the prevailing wisdom about aboriginal incarceration, aboriginal peoples are MORE likely to receive probation for aggravated assaults; and to be convicted of manslaughter, rather than first or second degree murder. They also generally receive shorter periods of detention than non-aboriginals with the same criminal history, and are less likely to receive life sentences for committing a homicide.”

Customary Justice — The Rights of the Stronger‘ (Widdowson):
“The actual distinction between aboriginal and European forms of justice is that the former is based on kinship relations, while the latter is determined by laws, enforced by the authority of the state on behalf of all members of the political community — regardless of their family status.”

Keeping Abuse In The Family‘ (Widdowson):
“Despite the unsubstantiated claims about idyllic pre-contact societies, evidence from the present generally indicates a complete disregard for the well-being of vulnerable members of the native population. Aboriginal communities today are dominated by powerful men, and many use their control over community politics to support male abusers and intimidate their victims. These men are also protected by organizations like the Assembly of ‘First Nations’ and its provincial equivalents, which derive their mandates from the heads of powerful families…”
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