‘Defying Canada’

Here’s a Caledonia Mohawk once again challenging Canadian sovereignty, pretending they are somehow an independent nation within the borders of Canada that can ignore Canadian law and policing. His arrogance comes from the fact that the Canadian government irresponsibly does NOTHING to assert Canadian sovereignty where Mohawks are concerned – not in Ontario or Quebec… 

This is a message to the OPP – also to Canada and the rest of Ontario:
OPP – you guys want to come on to ‘our territory’, prepare to walk home because we’re going to be confiscating your vehicles. We’re ‘not allowing’ no more passage through here… 

How can you guys enforce your laws when it comes to your Constitution, when you’ve built your Constitution on top of ours? {?}Our constitution supercedes yours by, what, over 200 years {It doesn’t matter – you are a Canadian now!}… Tried to assimilate us – that didn’t work {He says this while speaking English into a microphone and camera, to be posted to the Internet, while wearing contemporary clothing}…”

See also:
The Myths of Caledonia‘:
“The ownership history of Six Nations lands in Ontario has been ignored, as has the legal basis of the Six Nations claim to those lands. It’s time for the politically-incorrect truth to be told. In short, THE SIX NATIONS HAVE NO LEGAL RIGHTS TO THE LAND IN QUESTION, AND HAVE HAD NONE FOR OVER A CENTURY.”

Mohawk Gang Costs Ontario $50 Million’:
“Fourteen years later, after a Mohawk criminal gang threatened Hydro workers and demolished several new hydro transmission towers that were awaiting wiring – using one to blockade the entrance to the stolen ‘Douglas Estates’ housing development – the pathetic Ontario government continues to let the Mohawks, and their phony land claim, stop completion of the work.”

Homeowner slept gripping a shotgun: Describes nights of terror behind native barricades‘:
“Mr. Brown testified he was repeatedly threatened, his property stolen, his free passage halted, his family subjected to loud intimidation and harassment throughout the nights. Rocks and mud were thrown at them and their home, he said. None of it provoked any response by the OPP…”

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