‘Government Still Refuses To Stop Illegal Migrants’

Trudeau’s subversion of Canada continues:

Roxham Road is back and Trudeau still has no plan to act…

People that want to come to Canada legally will just have to wait.

Illegals flood into our country to Trudeau’s open arms.

Since 2017, there have been 67,787 people cross at Roxham Road – a population larger than Fredericton, North Bay, Sault Ste. Marie, Medicine Hat and Prince George.

“When it comes to dealing with Roxham Road, Justin Trudeau doesn’t want to find a solution. The dead-end road at the border between Quebec and New York State is back in operation in a big way and Trudeau’s response amounts to, ‘C’est la vie’.

If we close Roxham Road, people will cross elsewhere”,

Trudeau said earlier this week.

“Quebec Premier Francois Legault asked Trudeau to do something about the illegal border crossing, saying that it is straining the province’s ability to provide housing and social services for all the new arrivals.

It’s impossible because we don’t have the capacity”,

he said.

“Roxham Road has been a focal point in the debate over illegal immigration and asylum seekers since 2017. In response to the election of U.S. President Donald Trump and concerns that he would remove people in the country illegally, people began flowing across at Roxham Road, especially after a Tweet by Trudeau.

To those fleeing persecution, terror & war, Canadians will welcome you, regardless of your faith {or your criminal record}. Diversity is our strength #WelcomeToCanada”,

he posted in January 2017.

“That year, 18,836 people {illegally} crossed at Roxham Road and the government set up a permanent facility there to process the arrivals. Since 2017, there have been 67,787 people cross at Roxham Road – a population larger than Fredericton, North Bay, Sault Ste. Marie, Medicine Hat and Prince George.

“Crossing there is illegal, something noted on giant government signs and clearly called out in verbal warnings of arrest by RCMP officers. But the people arriving know what to do – they claim ‘asylum’.

{Despite the fact that under an agreement with the U.S., they are NOT allowed to claim ‘asylum’!}

The flood of people crossing dried up to a trickle in March 2020 with the arrival of COVID. Now, the flow of people is on the rise again, with 2,367 in January, 2,154 in February and 2,492 in March. Legault now says it is at more than 100 per day and rising.

The problem for the premier is that while these people are being processed, the province is required to house them and offer other social services, even enroll children in school. All of this is a great expense to Quebec for a problem the federal government has created and now won’t fix.

You have to understand, the problem is that many {most} of these people are not really refugees”,

Legault said.

A refugee is someone who is physically at risk in their country. But the majority are not refugees; eventually, when the file is analyzed, they are refused, returned back home.”

“He’s right, according to the government’s own statistics. Less than half, 42%, are accepted while the rest are rejected, abandoned or withdrawn. The government’s own statistics also show the people arriving at Roxham Road from top source countries like Nigeria and Haiti have acceptance rates below 25%.

“Yet people continue to show up there, knowing if they went down the road to the official border crossing, they would be rejected even if they claimed refugee status because they were entering from a safe third country – the United States. As I’ve long said, not only is the area of New York State where the crossing is located safe, it’s the type of place people flee to, not from.

“We have thousands of people per month crossing at Roxham Road to take advantage of a loophole. They fly into the United States, take a bus to Plattsburgh, NY, and then a cab to the border where they can claim asylum using this loophole.

“Trudeau could fix this by dropping the safe third country agreement with the Americans or he could amend it to get rid of the loophole. His preference is inaction, word games and passing the blame around which is what he’s done on this issue for five years now.”

Roxham Road by the numbers:

2017 – 18,836

2018 – 18,518

2019 – 16,136

2020 – 3,189

2021 – 4,095

2022 – 7,013

Total – 67,787

–‘Roxham Road is back and Trudeau still has no plan to act’,

Brian Lilley, Toronto Sun, May13, 2022


See also: 

Canada’s Border Still Leaking{September 25, 2017}:

“…the Trudeau government’s incoherent policy regarding border crossings. If these migrants showed up at the official port of entry at Lacolle claiming Canada’s protection, they would be turned back, because Ottawa considers the U.S. a “safe third country” (i.e. a safe place for individuals to claim refugee status). Yet, confusingly, migrants are not being turned back when they pass through a well-known, unofficial crossing mere kilometres from the official port of entry at Lacolle. These illegal crossings occur right in front of RCMP officers…”


Another Senator Muzzled By Political Correctness (Illegal Immigration) {Aug.25, 2017}:

We open the doors of Canada without any concern for the safety of the population. I am opposed to this form of immigration where it is said that Canada can welcome everybody, in any way. The media and government are working together to silence us.”

Senator Pierre-Hugues Boisvenu


Illegal Border Crossing Update {July 22, 2017}:

New figures released today show a shift in where the RCMP are arresting people crossing illegally into Canada. Data from the federal government shows a drop in the number of people being apprehended in Manitoba, but a major increase in Quebec.”


Canada: Rewarding Illegal Entry{Feb.17, 2017}:

80 to 90% of the people who are denied asylum in the United States do end up winning their ‘refugee’ claim before the ‘Immigration and Refugee Board of Canada’.”


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